7 Mar 2023

Rajasthan: Case Of Misbehavior With Veeranganas, Sachin Pilot Angry With Police, Writes To CM Gehlot, Said Such Conduct Will Not Be Tolerated

Jaipur: Former Deputy CM of Rajasthan and youth leader of Congress, Sachin Pilot has expressed his displeasure over the misbehavior in Jaipur with the Veeranganas of Indian soldiers martyred in the Pulwama attack. Sachin Pilot has written a letter to Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot regarding this matter.

Sachin urged CM Gehlot to consider the demands of the Veeranganas sympathetically and take strict action against those who misbehaved with them.

The police in Jaipur allegedly misbehaved with the Veeranganas of Pulwama martyrs. They were protesting for their demands. 

Veeranganas were trying to go to CM residence

The Veeranganas were trying to go to the CM residence to submit the memorandum, but the police did not allow them to reach the CM house by blocking the way. Along with this, the Jaipur Police is accused of misbehaving with the Veeranganas.

Veeranganas reached to meet Sachin Pilot

The victims of police misbehavior in Jaipur reached the official residence of Sachin Pilot located behind the Civil Lines Raj Bhavan on Monday afternoon. The security personnel first tried to stop them, but the Veeranganas got entangled with the security personnel. Simultaneously they went inside and sat down.

In such a situation, when Sachin Pilot came to know about this, he reached to meet the Veeranganas. Not only this, Sachin Pilot sat on the ground with the Veeranganas and listened to them. Along with this, he also offered meal to them at his residence.

Misbehavior will not be tolerated

​Former Deputy CM Sachin Pilot said that the way the Veeranganas have been misbehaved. Strict action should be taken against whoever is responsible for that. The whole country has seen how the police were behaving with the Veeranganas in Jaipur. This attitude of the police towards the Veeranganas is condemnable. 

Sachin said that it may take time to fulfill the demands. He said that women who are honored by being called Veeranganas. The treatment meted out to them by the Jaipur police cannot be called fair.

  In the letter, Sachin has written that he requests that the demands of the Veeranganas of Pulwama martyrs should be considered sympathetically. The promise made by the government to the Veeranganas has not been fulfilled. Be it the central government or the state government. The demand of the heroines should be fulfilled.

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