18 Mar 2023

Rajasthan: Is Announcement Of 19 New Districts CM Ashok Gehlot's Master Stroke? What Are Challenges Ahead For CM?

Jaipur: The announcement of 19 districts simultaneously in Rajasthan on Friday evening created a political storm in the state. The announcement of 19 new districts simultaneously for the first time after independence is being seen as a master stroke by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

Gehlot has given a message to party high command

The Congress high command in Rajasthan is more worried about infighting within the party than the opposition BJP Ashok Gehlot has given a positive message to the Congress high command. He has once again told what is the art of taking everyone along. 

He has also tried to fight the anti-incumbency. Gehlot has not only responded to the opposition with this political move, but has also tried to curb the internal strife in his own party. 

The factionalism in the party is at its peak. There was talk of Sachin Pilot getting a big responsibility, but how he will be satisfied and what responsibility will be given to him, it will be a big question. 

At the time of independence, there were 26 districts in Rajasthan, which are now 33. All parties consider it a risk to announce new districts, but Gehlot has taken this risk. 

Provision of 2000 crores for new dists

Gehlot has made a provision of 2000 crores for this in the budget. In such a situation, the process of formation of districts will begin and the Congress will take credit for it, although the administrative process takes time.

New districts lead to good governance and fast service delivery. This is possible only with small districts. New districts have also been announced where the party is weak.

 The creation of new districts by breaking Jaipur is also being seen as an election strategy of the government. At present, Congress is holding Jaipur Heritage Municipal Corporation, while BJP is holding Jaipur Greater. Jaipur has also been divided with an intention of hoisting the Congress flag again in Jaipur's heritage area in the coming elections.

Dealing with BJP's Hindutva agenda

Gehlot has adopted an aggressive election strategy. On the one hand, they are making big announcements related to the people. On the other hand, he has also included religious places in his priorities to deal with the BJP's Hindutva agenda.

The decision to develop Jaipur's adorable Govind Dev Ji Temple on the lines of Mahakal is being seen as an attempt to come out of the image of minority appeasement. For the first time, such a detailed plan to develop other major temples of the state has appeared in the Congress agenda.

Challenges ahead for Gehlot

But there are big challenges ahead for Gehlot. The budget has been passed. The government has very little time left. It will be a big challenge to bring this entire budget to the ground, because in the kind of government system, it takes time for the schemes to come to the ground. The opposition will make it an issue.

Besides, resentment will be seen there where the districts have not been declared. Some MLAs and public representatives have warned about this yesterday itself. In such a situation, it has to be seen how the government controls it?

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