29 Mar 2023

Rajasthan: What Food Minister Pratap Singh Khachariyawas Said In Opposition To Dividing Jaipur Into 2 Dists


Jaipur: The protest against the new districts in Rajasthan has now started intensifying in the capital Jaipur as well. Food Minister Pratap Singh Khachariyawas has opposed dividing Jaipur into two districts, North and South.

Khachariyawas said- Jaipur is known as Pink City, it is not right to divide it into pieces. It is against the sentiments of the people of this heritage city.

He said the way SPs sit separately. Similarly, we can have have more than one collector. But the people of Jaipur have a feeling that Jaipur should remain one. 

According to the sentiments of Jaipur residents, Jaipur will remain the same and should not be divided. Khachariyawas was talking to the media at his residence.

CM has just made announcement, people have to decide

Khachariyawas said – The CM has just made the announcement. The people of Jaipur have to decide this. The Chief Minister has made the announcement, so everything is yet to be finalized.

The Minister said when the final decision will be taken on the districts everything will be fixed at that time.

Jaipur's heritage should not be divided

Khachariyawas said – Jaipur North and Jaipur South would be strange names. I don't like these names either. Even the people of Jaipur do not like. Jaipur's heritage should remain the same.

He said Jaipur has its own heritage, people's sentiments are attached to it. It should be kept as one, not divided into two pieces.

Khachariyawas said – Jaipur will remain Jaipur only. I am the son of Jaipur. I am MLA and Minister from Jaipur. All the MLAs of Jaipur including me want Jaipur to remain the same.

It should not be made north and south. We don't want pieces of Jaipur. All Jaipur residents have the same feeling. The CM has also said that Jaipur will remain the capital.

Civil society groups have started a signature campaign

Since last week, civil society groups have started a signature campaign in favour of a composite Jaipur district including areas between Amber and Sanganer tehsils. The body, which includes civil society members, party leaders and retired bureaucrats, has requested the state government that dividing Jaipur into two districts — Jaipur North and Jaipur South — will divide the culture, tradition and ethos of the erstwhile state of Jaipur.

In a letter to CM Ashok Gehlot, the body has stressed that Jaipur is a global brand that signifies the architectural beauty of the Walled City to modern skyscrapers in C-Scheme, Jagatpura, Vidhyadhar Nagar and Tonk Road.

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