21 Mar 2023

World Sparrow Day 2023: How Sparrows Are Returning To People's Courtyards In UP's Etawah

Etawah: The people of Etawah district in Uttar Pradesh have come forward for the conservation of sparrows which are fast disappearing in the country.

The presence of sparrow in every house in Etawah has made everyone extremely happy. In other words, Etawah district has become the biggest protector of sparrows. District Divisional Forest Officer Atul Kant Shukla says that it is the result of the initiative of the forest department and environmental organizations that sparrows are seen in large numbers today.

World Sparrow Day 2023

World Sparrow Day, a day designated to raise awareness about the house sparrow and other common birds living in urban environments, is observed on 20 March. It is an international initiative by the Nature Forever Society of India in collaboration with numerous other national and international organizations across the world.

Sparrows were hardly visible 10 years back

Harikishore Shukla, ranger of Chambal Sanctuary, says that ten years ago sparrows were hardly visible, but the number of sparrows that are visible today is definitely making everyone happy.

People put artificial nests in their homes

Citing the survey report, Dr. Rajeev Chauhan, General Secretary of the Society for Conservation of Nature, active in the direction of environmental protection, said that in the course of the campaigns being run in the direction of conservation of sparrow, the people of Etawah have put artificial nests in their homes. And sparrows lay eggs in those nests, after which the children come out.

People are not only happy to see these small chicks, but are also engaged in playing the role of protectors. It is not that sparrow chicks are being raised in only one or two houses, but sparrow chicks are being seen in more than 200 houses. 

Chirping of small chicks make people happy

The chirping of small innocent chicks is also making people happy. The coming time is of the breeding season of sparrow bird, so it is being seen in most of the houses.

Madhavi, who lives in the Housing Development Colony, says that four and five years ago, she got a nest for the protection of sparrows, after which sparrows started coming to her house and they also laid eggs and started having chicks. 

This is going on continuously. Advocate Vikram Singh of Friends Colony area, at whose house for the last ten years the sparrow not only makes its own nest but also lays eggs.

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