11 Apr 2023

Karnataka Assembly Elections 2023: Poll Battle Not Easy For BJP Without BS Yediyurappa

Bengaluru: With the announcement of the assembly elections in Karnataka, while Congress has announced the names of 166 candidates, BJP's list can also be released anytime. The names of the candidates were discussed in the meeting of the BJP Central Election Committee. The names have been finalised.

Political and social equations play a key role in the politics of Karnataka. In view of this the BJP has made former CM of the state BS Yediyurappa the face of its campaign. Although Yediyurappa has not been made the CM face. He is not only among the senior leaders of the state but is also considered a respected leader of the dominant Lingayat community. This is the reason why the question arises whether the political journey of Yediyurappa, who has reached the pinnacle of power, will end after this election.

BJP was defeated when Yediyurappa left the chair

BS Yediyurappa opened the way for BJP in the South. He also established BJP as a strong party in Karnataka. Yediyurappa's strength can also be gauged from the fact that in 2011, when BS Yediyurappa left the post of CM, the party had to face defeat in the next assembly elections. 

After this, Yediyurappa, who established BJP in the South, can again play the role of captain for BJP in 2023 elections. Because BS Yediyurappa is leading the BJP's election campaign in Karnataka.

Yediyurappa is sweating it out to help BJP retain power

In 2016, BJP made him the party state president. After this, BJP emerged as the second largest party with 104 seats in the 2018 elections. The government was also formed but could not run for long. 

Kumaraswamy became the CM of Karnataka with the support of the Congress. But his government also fell. In such a situation, Yediyurappa once again became CM from BJP for the fourth time. 

After this, BJP advised Yediyurappa to rest by changing the Chief Minister of Karnataka, but BJP cannot win the 2023 election without Yediyurappa, so he has been put forward again. In fact, BJP does not want the Lingayat community to be angry with the party. Yediyurappa belongs to the Lingayat community. The BJP made Basavaraj Bommai the Chief Minister in his place. The BJP did not get much benefit from this move.

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