25 Apr 2023

Rajasthan Political Crisis: What CM Gehot Said On His Ongoing Tussle With Sachin Pilot? What He wants To Convey To People & High Command?

Jaipur: Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot has said that the media should not make us fight with anyone. He was responding to a question posed by a reporter after inauguration of inflation relief camp in Jaipur on Monday. He was asked to comment on the ongoing tussle with Sachin Pilot. 

But CM Gehlot downplayed the issue and tried to convey the message to the people and high command that his focus is on elections and solving people's problems. He said the Congress will win the elections because the people have already made the mood. This time the government is going to repeat, he averred while avoiding to make any comment on Pilot and the remarks reportedly made by Pilot on Gehlot.

Political experts believe CM Ashok Gehlot's statement is important and it is a U-Turn from his earlier stance. This statement has come at a time when Sachin Pilot is constantly attacking CM Ashok Gehlot for not taking action against the corruption of BJP rule. This statement is being seen as a political turn after Gehlot's visit to Delhi.

Inflation relief camps have started across Rajasthan

Inflation relief camps have been started across Rajasthan from Monday in order to give relief to the common man from inflation. By registering in these relief camps, the common people will be directly benefited from the 10 major public welfare schemes of the state government. On the first day itself, a large number of people across the state reached these inflation relief camps and got themselves registered. These camps will be organized in all the districts of the state till June 30.

Focus on development and solving people's problems: Gehlot 

After opening the camp in Jaipur, Gehlot said- Now elections are close, so big BJP leaders will also come They will hold road shows and spend a lot of money. Now we have to compete with them. We have decided that we will only focus on development and solving the problems of the people. Today inflation is the biggest problem, so we are setting up inflation relief camps. Our focus will be on that. We have given wonderful schemes in five years. No tax levied. We will go among the public regarding our works. We will move ahead with these things in the elections. 

Gehlot trying to give a message of solidarity

According to political experts, by not giving any answer to Sachin Pilot, CM Ashok Gehlot wants to tell the party high command and the public that his focus is only on governance and election preparations. That's why whenever he was asked a question after the Pilot's fast, the answer came - inflation relief. Gehlot does not want to speak on the pilot issue under political strategy. Now the tone of today's statement is such that instead of controversy, Gehlot is trying to give a message of solidarity.

Sachin Pilot is constantly attacking CM Gehlot. In such a situation, infighting is increasing in the Congress. Gehlot's statement is being seen as an attempt to divert attention from that tussle. 

Gehlot has not given any direct answers to Pilot since ex-Depurt CM's fast regarding the corruption of BJP Raj. Gehlot has been giving statements only in gestures. Two days ago in Delhi, Gehlot gave a statement on Pilot in gestures, in which he said that his own loss is compensated but the party's loss is not compensated.

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