22 Apr 2023

This Mysterious Hill Of Ladakh Is Believed To Be A Gateway To Heaven, Where Vehicles Go Uphill Even In Neutral

Who does not know about the beauty of Leh Ladakh. Going to Leh and Ladakh, it seems that you have actually come to heaven. But a mysterious place here fascinates everyone. 

As soon as the name of this place is mentioned, many mysteries float together in the mind of the people. This place is thirty kilometers away from Leh on the Leh-Kargil Highway. 

The villagers have a myth about this place where they think that there was a time in the past when a road at Magnetic Hill existed. This road took people to heaven. Those people who deserved heaven were pulled up while walking on this path whereas those who didn’t deserve the place didn’t feel anything.

The Ladakhis are superstitious regarding the Magnetic Hills and they believe the reason why things go uphill in this place is because it is a gateway to heaven. They believe those who are worthy are pulled by God to heaven. 


Gravity-defying occurrence

The Magnetic Hill in Leh is famous for its gravity-defying occurrence. As a natural phenomenon, gravity attracts things towards the earth, which means they fall downwards when let free. However, at this majestic destination, objects appear to be moving uphill when let free. Here vehicles go uphill even in neutral.

This was a legend, but let us tell you what science says about it. Actually this path is none other than the Magnetic Hills of Leh. In this hills, two principles of science apply, the first is the principle of magnetic force and the second is the principle of optical illusion.

The mountain known as Gravity Hills

This mountain is also known as Magnetic Hills or Gravity Hills. The Indus River flows in the Magnetic Hill Mountains and people on the mountain around this have a feeling of magnetic attraction.

This mysterious phenomenon has created a lot of buzz and attracts tourists every month who come to find explanations for the occurrence. 

According to science, this is a magnetic hill, so due to gravity, such incidents happen here. Although this place is counted in terms of tourism and people feel thrilled after coming here.

Illusion theory

According to this theory, people believe that Magnetic Hills is a downfall instead of an uphill. It is an optical illusion where people can see that the vehicles go uphill. 

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