21 May 2023

Come To Bainital Village In Uttarakhand's Chamoli To Experience Magic Of Universe

Chamoli: If you are curious to know the secrets of the universe, then come to Bainital village of Chamoli district in Uttarakhand. You can experience the magic of the universe here and have a glimpse of its secrets.
However, Bainital is being developed as a tourist area. Astro gazing, star gazing is being developed in the tourism sector.  

While giving this information, Chamoli District Magistrate Himanshu Khurana said that on developing Bainital as Astro Village, the curious visitors would come here to know the secrets of the universe. At the same time, if more and more people from the surrounding areas will join, it will become a source of livelihood for many along with tourism.

The District Magistrate said that the project has received a very good response, a large number of tourists from outside states have also come here.

Unforgettable astronomy experience

Astro Camp was organized for two days at Bainital, which concluded on Sunday. With activities like Stargazing, Astro Photography, Solar Observation, Astronomy Tambola, Rocketry Making, Nakshatra Darshan etc., the event at Bainital Astro Village provided an unforgettable astronomy experience to the visitors.

Bainital is situated at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level. Minimal human activities and low light pollution make it an ideal location for a dark sky park.

Ramashish Ray, Founder, Starscapes said, “We are excited to partner with the Chamoli District Administration to host the Bainital Astro Camp. Following the success of our first Astro Party last year, we have curated a range of new Astro Tourism experiences that give visitors the ultimate opportunity to experience the magic of a starlit night sky."

Bainital Astro Camp is a unique opportunity

Ray said Bainital Astro Camp is a unique opportunity for tourists and astronomy enthusiasts to explore the beauty of the night sky. It also supports the development of sustainable tourism in the region.
He said tourists can see Sun's sights, explore the solar surface and solar events like never before in the Astro Camp activities using telescopes with special H-alpha filters. They can also watch the live coverage on TV screen for better view.


Visitors can admire mesmerizing beauty of celestial objects

Ray said that under Night Sky Wonders, visitors can admire the mesmerizing beauty of celestial objects like moon, planets and deep sky objects from the telescopes kept in the campus. They can get detailed photos of the night sky from expert astro-photographers  and learn the art of taking amazing photos and capture the beauty of the universe.

He said they can explore the fascinating world of astronomy with fun and interactive activities that can be found here. There will be rocketry-making, astronomy tambola, mystery star identification, catch the meteor game, magnetism maze game and constellation viewing, says Ramashish Ray, founder of Starscapes.

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