14 May 2023

JDU And BJP Clash In Bihar Over Karnataka, You Will Be Surprised To Know About This Issue

Political parties in Bihar are gearing up for the Lok Sabha elections to be held next year. The kind of preparations that all the political parties of the state are engaged in, it seems that there is not much time left for the elections. In Bihar, before the elections of any state assembly, a sense of enthusiasm and despair starts appearing.

In Bihar, BJP is disappointed after Congress win in Karnataka, while JD(U) is very excited. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is also said to be very happy. His opposition unity efforts will also gain strength.

BJP flared up on JDU

The victory of the Congress in the Karnataka assembly elections has put the BJP in a lot of tension. The party is reflecting on the reasons for the defeat. Meanwhile, JDU, excited by the victory, has taken a jibe at the BJP. Due to this the BJP got very upset. 


The only thing is that the BJP has been telling about Congress-mukt Bharat for the last many years. Meanwhile, in Karnataka, the Congress won. JDU of Bihar has got an opportunity to retaliate. JDU National President Lalan Singh has said that country will become BJP mukt next year.

Hysteria is spread so that people may not ask question


Lalan Singh did not stop here. Putting the BJP in the dock, he said that the BJP works to spread religious hysteria so that the people of the country may not ask questions on inflation, poverty and unemployment. But the public is very aware and it is not going to be fooled by the BJP. He said that in order to win the Karnataka elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not even care about the dignity of his post. He reached to ask for votes in the name of God. Now the people have rejected the party. Bajrangbali is also not happy.

Pet parrot reaches the house of those who oppose


Janata Dal United chief Lalan Singh also targeted the CBI. He said that the Central Government has kept a parrot named CBI. The parrot reaches the houses of whoever speaks against the central government. Now institutions like ED, Income Tax are not neutral. 


Along with this, Lalan praised Nitish's efforts for opposition unity and said that today's demand is to stand against BJP and we are getting huge support for this. Next year, it will not take long for the country to become BJP free.

BJP also responds to Lalan's allegations

Sushil Modi, a senior BJP leader in Bihar, replied to every single charge of Lalan Singh. Giving examples of other states, he said thatlotus has blossomed in Uttar Pradesh, where no anti-BJP party has been successful. It is not right to dream of ruling the whole country only after success in one state Karnataka. BJP is the biggest party of the country and the people of this country have faith in it. BJP will get people's support in the coming days also. As far as Karnataka is concerned, we are reviewing. The party will try to remove whatever shortcomings we may have had there.

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