5 May 2023

Karnataka Elections 2023: Will Congress Be Able To Control Damage Or Is Damage Irreversible?

Bengaluru: In the election season of Karnataka, the BJP is trying to corner the Congress party, which has promised to ban Bajrang Dal in its manifesto.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is leading this attack and because of this the campaign for the assembly elections going to be held on May 10 has heated up. Now the Congress is trying to do damage control after backlash but many political commentators believe that much damage has already been done. 

Manifesto of Muslim League: Eshwarappa

Prime Minister Narendra Modi compared the promise to ban Bajrang Dal to locking up Hanuman and his devotees, while former Deputy Chief Minister KS Eshwarappa burnt the Congress manifesto. Eshwarappa called it the manifesto of 'Muslim League'. Bajrang Dal workers tore the Congress manifesto, pelted it with slippers and held rallies in several parts of the state.

Eshwarappa accused KPCC president D.K. Shivakumar and the former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah of taking the lead in polarising the people of the State on communal lines due to the selfish interests and their hunger for power. Now, the people are getting to know the mind of the Congress and they will teach a lesson to that party in this election, he added.

Condemning the act of burning the poll manifesto, Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge said that in a democracy whether you like it or dislike it, burning a manifesto is not justified. Burning a manifesto means that Eshwarappa has burnt the assurances of guarantee schemes given to the people by the Congress, he added. One should have tolerance in democracy, he said.

Members of Bajrang Dal have staged protests in many other states besides Karnataka and Congress and BJP leaders are engaged in verbal battle over the issue.

Now Congress is on the back foot and engaged in damage control. But the question is if the damage has already been done and if the harm caused is irreversible? Congress is trying to turn the tide in its favour and promised to construct and renovate Hanuman temples across the state.

We have deep faith in Hanuman: Shivakumar

Shivakumar, who is contesting from Kanakapura constituency in Ramanagara, said temples of Ram's messenger Anjaneya (Hanuman) are everywhere. We have built Anjaneya temples and we are also their devotees. Especially we Kannada people have deep faith in him where there is strong evidence that Anjaneya was born in this state. 

Shivakumar said that Congress is committed to promote the Anjaneya temples and ideals of Lord Hanuman. State Congress chief said that we will formulate special policies for the development of all important Anjaneya temples, especially historical places associated with Anjaneya.

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