23 May 2023

Kuno: Death Of Cheetah Cub Sends Shock Waves

Sheopur: A cheetah cub has died on Tuesday in Kuno National Park located in Sheopur district of Chambal division of Madhya Pradesh. A Namibian female cheetah Jwala had given birth to four cubs in March this year of which one is now dead.

The cheetah cub died Tuesday afternoon. This cub was found sick during the monitoring of Kuno Park Management and died during treatment. PCCF Wildlife Jasveer Singh Chauhan has confirmed this.

The female cheetah Jwala (Siya), brought from Namibia, gave birth to 4 cubs in the park on March 24 itself. Now there are a total of 17 cheetahs and 3 cubs left in the park. Three cheetahs and one cub have died in last three months.

According to sources, despondency prevailed in the Kuno Natnal Park due to the death of 3 cheetahs in the last two months. 

Meanwhile, Siya (Jwala) had given birth to 4 cubs on March 24. On Mother's Day, the four cubs were seen playing pranks with their mother. These pictures brought relief to Kuno management to the central government. But now the death of a cub has put the management in worry.

The cub’s death has sent shock waves among the forest department officials and wildlife experts and they are trying to find the cause of death.

Notably, in the past few months, three cheetahs have already died at the National Park, raising fingers at the Kuno management and administration.

SC is also worried

The Supreme Court is worried about the continuous death of cheetahs. The Supreme Court has already asked the government to consider sending cheetahs to Rajasthan. Questions have started to arise on the project due to the dwindling number of cheetahs. Now it has to be seen what steps the Madhya Pradesh government and the forest department take for the cheetahs. If the MP government does not take any step, then it is possible that the Indian government may shift the cheetahs from MP to Rajasthan.

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