8 May 2023

Madhya Pradesh Election-2023: Toughest Dilemma For Kamal Nath: Forge Alliance With Parties Like JAYS Or Not

Bhopal: The Congress has started formulating a strategy for the 2023 assembly elections. Party is giving importance to all seats and due deliberations are taking place. In-charges have been appointed on each seat, who are giving feedback. 

Apart from this, former Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh is also specially visiting those assembly seats where the party was unsuccessful last time and interacting with the workers.

Kamal Nath is known for doing politics in the corporate style. His private survey company also keeps giving him reports about the situation in assembly constituencies including the public opinions. 

JAYS to contest independently on 80 seats

The toughest dilemma for the Congress at this time is going to be about the alliances. The Jai Adivasi Yuva Shakti (JAYS) holds influence especially among the tribals of Nimar. JAYS has announced that they will contest on 80 seats.

Recently, a meeting of JAYS was held in Dhamnod, in which it was decided to contest elections independently. Lal Singh Burman and Lokesh Mujalda of the dissident faction also participated in this meeting. JAYS will contest on 80 seats. That's why this time, metaphorically, there is a well on one side and a ditch on the other side for the Congress. 

In such a situation, the strategy of Kamal Nath, who is considered to be the master of management, has gone awry. Especially due to the rise of JAYS and Aam Aadmi Party in the state, a big challenge has appeared before the Congress to keep the anti-incumbency votes united. 

If Cong forges alliance then it will have to leave 50 seats

If Congress enters into coalition, then it will have to leave at least 50 seats in the state. In such a situation, it will have to face a large number of rebels. On the other hand, if the Congress decides to contest the elections alone, then the JAYS and the Aam Aadmi Party will cut the anti-incumbency votes, which will directly benefit the BJP.

Cong will be loser if AAP forges alliance

If the Aam Aadmi Party forges an alliance with parties like JAYS and Bhim Army at the local level, then most of its loss will have to be suffered by the Congress. In the event of an alliance, the Third Front can show an effective presence in the state. It is a bitter reality for the Congress suffers wherever the Third Front comes into existence.

Alliance with JAYS was Nath's masterstroke in 2018 

The alliance with the JAYS was Kamal Nath's masterstroke in the 2018 assembly elections. Due to this alliance, BJP was wiped out in Nimar region. In Nimar, the BJP could register its presence only in Khandwa district. Otherwise, BJP had to suffer huge losses in Dhar, Jhabua, Alirajpur, Barwani, Khargone districts. This time, if JAYS contests the elections independently, then the Congress will have to bear its direct loss.

Presence of JAYS in tribal seats will harm Cong

The presence of JAYS in the tribal seats can prove to be especially harmful for the Congress. Congressmen also believe that the 2023 assembly elections are going to prove to be do or die for the party. Digvijaya Singh himself has said many times that if the Congress does not come together to rule this time, then this state will go out of the hands of the Congress forever. Due to JAYS, Congress is going to face maximum trouble in Malwa-Nimar.

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