22 May 2023

Madhya Pradesh: How Congress Plans To Surround Scindia In His Own Stronghold Through Ajay Singh


Gwalior: On the one hand, Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia is camping in his home area and is busy energizing his supporters for the upcoming elections, on the other hand, amid his alleged disagreement with the ticket distribution formula in the BJP, the Congress is making inroads in Scindia's area of influence.

The Congress, which is taking an aggressive stand towards the palace, is trying to put so many veteran leaders of the party in the battlefield in Gwalior Chambal that Scindia may not be able to get out of his stronghold.

Till now in Gwalior Chambal only Digvijaya Singh was fighting with his political arch-rival Scindia. To give impetus to his campaign, Jitu Patwari and Digvijaya’s son former minister Jaivardhan Singh also made intensive visits, but Congress state president Kamal Nath has now fielded Ajay Singh against Scindia. 

Ajay Singh made in-charge of three dists 

Ajay Singh has been given important responsibility and made in-charge of three districts of Gwalior division: Gwalior, Shivpuri and Datia. It is believed that the Congress campaign against Scindia in Gwalior will now continue under the leadership of Ajay Singh. 


Singh visited the assembly constituencies of three current Congress MLAs of the district Dr. Satish Sikarwar, Lakhan Singh Yadav and Suresh Raje and interacted directly with the workers and told them that after a long gap of four decades, the Congress in Gwalior would be freed from the monopolistic dominance of Scindia.

Ajay Singh also said this time there is no one to suppress the interests of the grassroots workers of the Congress and to attack the party itself. It is clear that by making such political sarcasm, Ajay Singh is directly targeting the senior leader of the Congress, who was once all powerful in the Gwalior region.

Kamal Nath trusts Ajay to surround Scindia

In fact, Kamal Nath, who is working on the strategy of not giving any space to Scindia in the 2023 elections, is well aware of the fact that there is no other face in the Congress more suitable than Ajay Singh for the political siege of Scindia. This is not just the rivalry between Scindia and Ajay Singh, but a growing continuation of the old differences between the two prominent political families of Madhya Bharat and Vindhya.

Political observers believe that whenever the party high command finalized the name of Late Madhavrao Scindia, Ajay Singh's father Arjun Singh kept obstructing Scindia's way to reach Shyamla Hill. Former minister Bhagwan Singh Yadav, who is considered to be Arjun Singh's representative in Gwalior politics, always kept his front open against Scindia. Mahendra Singh Chauhan has been handed over the responsibility of Gwalior district. Chauhan is trusted by Ajay Singh and believed close to him.

Scindia camping to prevent political loss

Ajay Singh has just returned to Bhopal after energizing the Congressmen for three days and Scindia has camped in Gwalior to prevent any loss to his political land. He will stay here for three days. On the first day, he met many supporters and gave them tips regarding election preparations. He will hold similar meetings with his supporters in Shivpuri, Guna and Ashoknagar.

Purpose of Ajay's visit could be to strengthen his faction: BJP

Ashish Aggarwal, state media in-charge, BJP said it has been a convention in the Congress that its leaders work to establish their political supremacy within their own party. The purpose of Ajay Singh's visit could also be to strengthen his own faction. Anyway, the same news is coming that all the big leaders of Congress kept distance from his programmes, he said.

Ajay Singh has enthused party workers: Cong


On the other hand Dharmendra Sharma, Divisional Spokesperson, Congress said in these three days, Ajay Singh has enthused the Congress workers. BJP should understand that our party has entered the election field with full force. Ajay Singh has just come. This process of arrival of big Congress leaders will continue to expose the real face of the traitors of March 2020, Sharma said.

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