16 Jun 2023

Amarnath Yatra Starting From July 1, If Going Then Take Special Care Of These Things

Amarnath Yatra, one of the biggest religious pilgrimages of the country, is going to start from July 1. The journey of Baba Barfani is not an easy one. Therefore, if you have got the registration done, then start preparing for the journey from now itself. Only fit people can go on the journey of Baba Barfani. 

There is a lack of oxygen at high altitude during the journey, due to which pregnant women and patients cannot go there. The Shri Amarnath Shrine Board in its health advisory issued recently has advised pilgrims to achieve physical fitness by undertaking a preparatory morning and evening walk, about 4 to 5 km per day.

The yatra to the 3,880-metre-high holy cave in south Kashmir Himalayas is scheduled to commence on July 1 from the twin tracks -- the traditional 48-km Nunwan-Pahalgam route in Anantnag district and the 14 km shorter but steep Baltal route in Ganderbal district. During the journey, you also have to take care of some special things. Let us tell you about those things.


Fitness certificate is necessary

To go on Amarnath Yatra, you have to obtain a fitness certificate. On the basis of this fitness certificate, the Amarnath Shrine Board gets your travel card made from the designated banks. With this card, the date of journey to Amarnath cave from Baltal or Pahalgam is fixed for you. After the date is fixed you can get your ticket booked by train or air.

Check with your physician prior to trave lling

Do check with your physician prior to travelling to higher elevations, if you have any medical conditions, it said.

Board has also issued five points of advice to prevent hypothermia, which include a healthy diet with plenty of fluids, including warm drinks, and regular meals for energy so that the body can generate heat.

It has further advised devotees to avoid alcohol, caffeine and smoking as they all increase the rate at which the body loses heat.

The advisory issed by Shri Amarnath Shrine Board further elaborated that in view of cold weather conditions in high altitude sites in the yatra area where temperature abruptly falls 2 to 5 degrees Celsius, yatris, especially elderly people may suffer from hypothermia.

Read guidelines, keep medicines for common ailments

If you are going on Amarnath Yatra, then first of all read all the guidelines of the Yatra. Guidelines will let you know which items you need to keep and which don't.  The trek to Amarnath Yatra is one of the toughest treks. 

Sometimes devotees fall sick as the journey is very arduous and Baba Barfani su=its at very high altitude. To deal with such situation it is essential to keep medicines for headache, cold and body pain with you. These medicines will be useful during the journey.

40 food items banned

As per the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) advisory, this time 40 foods have been banned to maintain good health of pilgrims. The banned food items include heavy pullav, fried rice, puri, bathura, pizza, burger, stuffed parantha, dosa and fried roti, bread with butter, cream-based foods, pickle, chutney, fried papad, chowmein among other fried and fast food. food items.

Keeping in view the health of the devotees, the board has recommended healthy options like cereals, pulses, green vegetables and salad along with a few rice dishes.

Apart from 40 banned items everything is allowed, the board added.

Don't miss these things

If you are going for Amarnath Yatra, do not forget to take Pittathu bag, raincoat, shoes, warm clothes. Also find out how is the weather of Amarnath or how it is going to be during the journey. The monsoon season starts during the visit to Baba Barfani. That's why it becomes necessary to keep these things. Avoid wearing clothes like Sari or dhoti during Amarnath Yatra. This can make your journey inconvenient.

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