11 Jun 2023

Journalist Lost His Job Because He Asked Smriti Irani Questions: Congress

New Delhi: The Congress said on Sunday that Smriti Irani, a cabinet minister in the Modi government who talked about the freedom of the press in the country, got angry when a journalist asked her a question and then he had to face the wrath of the union minister. Now his job is also gone.

The Congress on its official Twitter page said that a daily newspaper journalist had asked Irani a question a day earlier. Then he had to face the wrath of the Union minister and Irani threatened that she would speak to his boss, but today journalist really lost his job.

The party said, "The journalist whom Smriti Irani was threatening yesterday lost his job today. The journalist had committed the crime of questioning Smriti ji, job lost. So much hatred."


'You have no right to insult the people of my constituency'


The Congress has also posted a video of Smriti Irani threatening the journalist saying "You will be a big reporter. You have no right to insult the people of my constituency. I will call your boss. I request you not to do this in future."

Along with this, the party has also posted a banner regarding the freedom of press in the country, in which it has been said that India's rank is 161 out of 180 countries, which was 150 last year.

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