7 Jun 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Army Called To Save Girl Child Srishti Trapped In Borewell In Sehore, Says Shivraj

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said on Wednesday that the army is reaching for the rescue work of the girl who fell into an open borewell in Sehore district.

Chouhan told reporters that the three-year-old girl who fell into the borewell is being constantly monitored. The child has gone further down because of the vibrations.

He told that the Army is reaching to save her. NDRF and SDRF were already working, but it was realized that rescue operations could speed up if Army is also pressed into service. Every effort is being made to get the girl child out safely. Praying to God for the success of the whole operation.

Srishti Kushwaha, a three-year-old girl, fell into an open borewell outside her house in Mungawali village of Sehore district Tuesday afternoon. The girl was trapped at about 40 feet, but later due to the vibrations during the relief work, she got trapped in greater depth.

Oxygen is being pumped inside borewell

According to the information, 3-year-old Srishti was playing in the field next to the house, during which she fell into the borewell and got trapped. In 300 feet deep borewell, 3 year old Srishti was first trapped 30 feet below. 

But as soon as a parallel pit was dug at a distance of 5 feet to take her out, she started sinking downwards. Due to the stony ground, digging was being done with a drill machine. Oxygen is being pumped inside the borewell to the girl and an inspection camera has also been installed inside the borewell to monitor the movement. The entire administration along with ambulance and medical team is deployed on the spot.

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