6 Jun 2023

Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections-2023: Why Three New Cells Of State Congress Have Unnerved BJP?

Bhopal: A few months before the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections-2023, the Congress has formed 40 to 45 cells. But the three cells which are being talked about a lot include 'Priest Cell', 'Math Mandir Cell' and 'Religious Festival Cell.'

Allegations are being leveled against the Congress that it is doing all these things to woo the Hindus in view of the forthcoming assembly elections.

Cong doing all this to build image among Hindus: Vishnoi

Ajay Vishnoi, Bharatiya Janata Party spokesperson in Madhya Pradesh, alleged that this is being done to build the image of Congress among Hindus.

All these 45 cells are being run under the leadership of senior party leader JP Dhanopia.

Responding to the allegations of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Dhanopia says, “The Congress is taking along every section of the society. Be it priests, people of Sindhi society, tribal society or people of other societies. These cells have been formed for everyone."

Priests' demands not fulfilled by BJP: Dhanopia

Dhanopia says that the priests of the temples of Madhya Pradesh have many such demands which have been ignored by the state government. He says that the Congress is supporting the priests because injustice has been done to them. 

On the other hand Ajay Vishnoi of the BJP says that the state government has hiked the honorarium of the priests to Rs 4,000 and has also passed a resolution to give them the land around the temples.

Vishnoi said, “Now Congress leaders are going to the priests and saying that if their party forms the government, they will give more land to the priests around the temples. This is an election stunt. It is not that easy for the Congress to make inroads among the Hindus no matter how hard they try.”

BJP strategists are worried

Political analysts feel that the way the Congress is preparing its strategy before the elections, it has worried the strategists of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Especially the efforts of the Congress to woo Hindu voters can also become a challenge for the Bharatiya Janata Party.

After the party's victory in Karnataka, banners and posters of former Chief Minister Kamal Nath have been put up in Madhya Pradesh with the words, "Hanuman Bhakta Congress Party Ko Mila Ashirwad Karnataka Mein." (Hanuman devotee Congress party got the blessing in Karnataka.)

Many such posters are also near the headquarters of the Pradesh Congress Committee. Apart from this, in a tweet issued from the Twitter handle of the State Congress Committee, Kamal Nath has also been called 'Hanuman devotee'.

In the same tweet, the party has tried to tell what it did for the Hindus in just 15 months it remained in power in the state. For example, the development of Mahakal temple and Omkareshwar temples located in Ujjain, the proposal of the Cabinet to make Ram Vanagaman path and the establishment of Om circuit etc. have been mentioned.

We do not spread hysteria in name of religion: Cong

Dhanopia says, “Congress does not do politics in the name of religion. We do not spread hysteria in the name of religion. We organize recitation of Sunderkand, Hanuman Chalisa because we have faith in them. We organize these events on a small scale. Through them, we do not spread any hatred in the society. Bharatiya Janata Party wants to make religion an election weapon. Bharatiya Janata Party has no copyright on religion and saffron colour."

In the last two years, the Congress has organized more than 30 religious events across the state, in which Kamal Nath is being 'projected' as a 'Hanuman devotee'.

All these events are being organized under the leadership of the religious and festive committee whose president is well-known storyteller Richa Goswami.

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