10 Jun 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Diamond Of Panna District Will Get GI Tag; Know More About Panna, Its Diamonds And People Mining Them

Panna (Madhya Pradesh): Diamonds from the Panna district world-renowned as the diamond city will get the GI tag. Its process has been completed. By getting the GI tag, the special identity of Panna's diamond will be established. The only mechanized mine operated by NMDC is also in Panna.

It is worth mentioning that under the guidance of Collector Sanjay Kumar Mishra, a GI registry application was made in Chennai recently to give unique recognition to the diamonds produced in the district at the world level. 

With the confirmation of getting the GI tag, now the brightness of Panna's diamonds will increase at the international level as well. People associated with diamond business in Panna will be able to get its benefits.

Collection of forest produce, mining of stone, diamond are popular means to earn a livelihood

In Panna, collection of minor forest produce, and mining of stone and diamond are the most popular means to earn a livelihood.

Panna is about 400 kilometers away from the state capital, Bhopal, and is in the Bundelkhand. Rich in minor forest produce such as tendu leaves and mahua, the place is also a natural habitat for wildlife including tigers, leopards, Indian fox, sloth bear, and many more.

Collecting minor forest produce, mining for stone and diamond, and agriculture are the key livelihood opportunities in the region.

For 3,000 years, India was the only source of diamonds globally until diamond deposits were located in Brazil and South Africa. Panna's mines have been supplying precious diamonds for thousands of years. In India, the state-controlled National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) is the only organized producer of diamonds from its Majhgawan mine in the Panna region.

MP has over 90% of country's diamond resources

In India, the diamond resources are concentrated only in three states. Of these, Madhya Pradesh has 90.17 percent at 28,709,136 carats, followed by Andhra Pradesh has 5.73 percent with 1,822,955 carats and Chhattisgarh has 4.10 percent with 1,304,000 carats, according to Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) inventory report.

Thousands of workers and hundreds of mine owners are involved in diamond mining in Panna. One needs to pay Rs 200 a year to administration to get a lease for one year at the designated mine site. There are around a dozen mine sites designated by the district mineral department.

While the news of some lucky people who find diamond keep making headlines there are also a large number of people who claim to have lost thousands or even lakhs of rupees in diamond mining without getting a single diamond.

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