8 Jun 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Peepal, Banyan Trees Will Not Be Felled In Bhopal For Road Construction After Locals Protest; CM Shivraj Orders Diversion Of Road

Bhopal: In Bhopal a road will be diverted to save Peepal and Banyan trees. In Bhopal's Bhopal's Bagsewaniya area people were greatly disturbed when they learnt that the trees would be felled for the construction of the road. On Wednesday they staged a demonstration demanding protection of trees.

A local resident said, "We will appeal to the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. He keeps appealing to the citizens to plant trees. he himself plants saplings everyday. Then how these old trees can be filled. There are so few trees left in our locality."

Some women of the colony said these are sacred trees and we worship here daily. The residents made an appeal to CM Shivraj.

The CM respected people's sentiments and proved that his love for nature is genuine. Later in the evening he said said that the 20-year-old Peepal and Banyan tree behind Vishwakarma Temple in Bhopal's Bagsewaniya area will not be removed, the road will be diverted.

Chief Minister Shivraj said that the Public Works Department had decided to remove these trees for road construction. 

CM took decision after seeing people's love for trees

He said: "I saw that the local residents, mothers and sisters were worshipping near these trees and my little nephews and nieces were appealing not to remove the tree. Seeing the attachment of the residents towards the trees, it has been decided that the trees will not be removed from there."

CM said the road will be diverted and constructed. CM Chouhan also gave instructions to the construction agency in this regard.

Chief Minister Chouhan appealed to the citizens that such campaigns to save trees should go on continuously to save the environment. Also, everyone must plant a sapling on birthdays and other auspicious occasions.

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