26 Jun 2023

Rajasthan: Now people will be able to relish delicious dishes under one roof in Kota Chaupati on lines of Jaipur chaupati

In Kota Chaupati built on the lines of Jaipur Chaupati, common people will be able to relish delicious dishes under one roof from June 28. Urban and Development Minister Shanti Dhariwal will dedicate the Chaupati to the common people on June 28 evening.

Housing Commissioner Pawan Arora said that Jaipur Chaupati built in Mansarovar and Pratap Nagar of Jaipur has become a hot destination for local and foreign tourists of the capital. Kota Chaupati developed in Kota will also prove to be a landmark for the city. He said that the residents of Kota would be able to enjoy more than 3 dozen cuisines at the Chaupati.

Arora said that a total of 17 shops and 4 kiosks have been constructed in Kota Chaupati, where Indian, Italian and continental dishes will be available to the common people. He told that the taste of the dishes amidst the music system and the musical band in the Chaupati campus will be unforgettable for the common man.

It is worth mentioning that the residents of the Jaipur are crazy about the delicious cuisine and dishes of Chaupatis established in Pratap Nagar and Mansarovar. For the maximum footfall in the initial 5 months of Chaupatis, the Mandal has also received 2 international awards.

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