4 Jun 2023

World Environment Day- 2023 On June 5: Are Electric Stoves Better For Environment and Human Health? Are They Better Than Gas stoves?

New Delhi: As we celebrate World Environment Day on June 5, 2023, the Government of India is holding a “Conference on Consumer-Centric Approaches for E-cooking Transition” in New Delhi.

The conference will explore pathways to accelerate the deployment of energy-efficient, clean and affordable e-cooking solutions. 

Organized by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Ministry of Power, Government of India, in collaboration with CLASP, the conference brings together institutional consumers, consumer research groups, policy makers, think tanks, manufacturers, and other enablers to drive dialogue and discuss strategy for the transition to electric cooking.

The question is whether electric cooking is good for your health and environment and in what ways the use of traditional LPG gas harmful. 

Gas stoves can release toxins harmful for health

It has been found that gas stoves can release toxins like benzene, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter that can be harmful and cause respiratory issues. 

One study conducted in America revealed these gases could be the leading cause for 1 in every 10 childhood asthma cases.  That means switching to electric ranges could prevent more than one in 10 childhood asthma cases.

Gas stoves emit methane, which contributes to climate change. Much of this methane slowly leaks out, even when the stove is turned off. 

Electric range is more energy efficient

Gas ranges operate at a paltry 32% energy efficiency, while traditional electric cooktops perform at 75%-80% efficiency. 

If you use an induction stove — an advanced type of electric range that uses magnetic fields to heat the pan — it will get around 85% energy efficiency.

In view of the benefits of the electric cooking for health and environment,  government is trying to provide access to clean cooking energy. The choices we make regarding cooking fuel can have a significant impact on India's journey towards becoming a sustainable economy. 

Speaking on the government’s thrust on clean cooking, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Power, Ajay Tewari said: “Recognizing the health, economic, and environmental benefits of clean cooking, the Government of India has prioritised policies that promote cleaner cooking fuels." 

Tewari said electric cooking solutions provide a great opportunity to propel India towards a climate-friendly, healthier and sustainable future.”

Time to encourage widespread adoption of Clean Cooking Products

The Additional Secretary pointed out that with efficiency policy for induction cook stoves in place, the next crucial step is to encourage the widespread adoption of efficient and affordable products. 

Director General, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Abhay Bakre said E-cooking is paving the way to a greener and sustainable environment.

With rising fuel prices and increasing supply pressures, India needs a clean, sustainable and affordable e-cooking solution – one that also reduces its dependence on imports and increases energy security.

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