5 Jun 2023

World Environment Day-2023: What Aditi Dev Sharma, Portraying Katha In Kathaa Ankahee, Uses To Adorn Her House Instead Of Conventional Home Décor

World Environment Day serves as a poignant reminder that the fate of our planet lies in our hands. Talented TV artist Aditi Dev Sharma takes a moment to contemplate the significance of environmental well-being and advocates leading a sustainable lifestyle that serves future generations.

Aditi Dev Sharma, portraying Katha in Kathaa Ankahee, says she and her husband are passionate about plants. 

"Our home is adorned with a variety of plants, and instead of using conventional home décor, we choose to beautify with plants" Aditi says. 

The artist says, "My son and I visit a nearby nursery to buy saplings, which we plant together, forging a connection with them and the Earth. "

Aditi Dev Sharma says another cause close to her heart is water conservation, and she strive to conserve water in every aspect of her household and personal activities. 

"As I do my part in safeguarding nature's resources, I believe that each individual must contribute to making this world a better, safer, and healthier place for all living beings to coexist," says Aditi.

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