17 Jul 2023

Espionage Angle In Love Story Of Seema Haider And Sachin; ATS Begins Probe

An espionage angle has come in the love story of Pakistani woman Seema Ghulam Haider, who illegally crossed into India to marry and live with her Indian lover. Seema was taken into custody by the ATS from her residence in Greater Noida on Monday. Along with Seema, the ATS has also taken her four children and Sachin with them. 


Seema is being interrogated at a secret location. The ATS will investigate the route that Seema Haider has taken during her journey to India.

The UP ATS will investigate the full profile of Seema Haider and her family. The network of routes she chose and the mobile number she used during her travels to different countries will be probed from different angles.

IB received input Seema's husband & brother are in Pak Army


According to sources, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) has received input that Seema Haider's uncle is a Subedar in the Pakistan Army. Her brother is also in the Pakistani Army. Whereas earlier Seema had said about her brother that he is not in the army, but is preparing to join the army. ATS is checking this input to see how true it is.

ATS swung into action after getting inputs from IB. Seema Haider's passport has also been sent for examination. Also, her mobile details are also being re-examined. On the other hand, Noida Police has increased security outside Seema's house. Sachin's family is not being allowed to meet anyone.

Agencies have started probing espionage angle


When Seema Haider's case came to the fore, her connection with Pakistani agency ISI was discussed. However, later the investigating agencies could not find any concrete evidence related to it. That's why the matter had turned towards the love angle. But now after the input of IB, the agencies have again started probing the espionage angle.

An inspector, 2 women and a male constable are stationed at Seema Haider's house located in Rabupura village of Noida. Policemen staying here in two shifts are keeping an eye on every movement of their family members. No outsider is being allowed to meet him.

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