29 Jul 2023

Women Farmers Of Haryana Met Sonia, Priyanka At Their Home; Brought Homemade Pickle, Ghee; Rahul Said This About Meeting


New Delhi: A group of farmers, including both women and men, from Haryana met former Congress president Sonia Gandhi, party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi at 10 Janpath and presented them with gifts.

While giving this information, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi himself said on Saturday that this group of farmers had such tremendous affinity for his family that they even brought home-made ghee, pickles etc. with them as gifts. 

Gandhi said “A few days ago, while continuing the Bharat Jodo Yatra, we reached a village in Sonepat, I received a lot of love and affection from the farmers there – especially from the farmer sisters. They gave home cooked food and treated me with respect as part of the family. They expressed just one wish and that was to see Delhi.”

Rahul said further: “This was the debt of the bread, the debt of their love and respect, how can I not repay. Invited everyone to the house of former Congress President, Sonia Gandhi ji and everyone came with great joy, I am very grateful to them for this.”

'Mingled with my mother and Priyanka as if they had known them for years'

Rahul said, “It is worth noting that they had also brought some or the other gift – some brought pure desi ghee, some others gifted homemade pickle – such is the love of the farmers of our country. As soon as they arrived, they mingled with my mother and Priyanka, as if they had known them for years. They enquired about her welfare, told their condition, everyone had meal together and they also visited Delhi.”

Gandhi further said, “From the problems of the country to the childhood days of Priyanka and myself, many things were discussed. And I was very happy to see that farmers are so aware of everything, they are aware of every issue. From laws to every government policy. Every farmer is troubled by GST and inflation. We are seeing the problems of the youths in Haryana due to Agniveer. Seeing their strength, I am sure that if women make up their mind about any work, then nothing is impossible for them. Overwhelmed by everyone's love and the privilege of hosting them."

The Congress leader said that the video of the meeting has been made and that video has been uploaded on the YouTube channel. “You all also watch the full video of this lovely meeting on my YouTube channel,” he said.

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