21 Jul 2023

Madhya Pradesh Rains: 2 Gates Of Kolar Dam Opened In Bhopal; Schools Closed In Indore; Many Rivers In Spate

Bhopal: In Madhya Pradesh, there is an alert of very heavy or heavy rain in many districts on Friday. Two gates of Kolar Dam in Sehore have been opened. Ichhawar in Sehore district received 12.5 cm of rain in 3 hours on Friday morning.  Here water has been filled up to the knees after the rains on Friday morning.

In Ichhawar 45 villages have lost contact with the town. It has been raining since night in Ashta. Parvati river, Seep and Kolar rivers are in spate. The Indore-Bhopal road has been closed.

Due to continuous rains in Sehore, the water level of Kolar Dam in Bhopal is increasing. Two gates of the dam have been opened to maintain the water level in the dam. Collector Praveen Singh has appealed to all citizens not to visit the affected areas of Kolar River, Kolar Canal and Kolar Dam. 

Due to heavy rains since Thursday night in Indore, Collector Dr.  Ilayaraja T has declared a holiday for all schools on Friday. He has instructed the school operators to take precautions regarding the safety of the students. 

The mountain river Sayani is in spate in Harda. The Shyam Singh Baba temple built on the banks of the river in Pahatkala village of Sirali tehsil of the district has been submerged. Only the spire of the temple is visible.

The Shyam Singh Baba temple built on the banks of the hilly river Sayani in Harda was submerged. It has been raining in the area since Friday night.

Flood situation in many districts

Flood-like conditions are being created in many districts of Madhya Pradesh due to heavy rains. The rivers are in spate, and at some places the dams have overflowed. On Thursday, there was heavy rain in many districts including Bhopal-Indore. In Barwani, the Narmada river is flowing 4 feet above the danger mark. 

The water level of Tapti river increased due to the opening of the gates of Parsdoh Dam in Betul. Three gates of Satpura Dam in Sarani have also been opened. At the same time, the water level of Upper Lake of Bhopal also increased. Rainfall has been recorded in Mandla Dhar, Ujjain, Raisen, Jabalpur and Seoni.

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