5 Jul 2023

Maharashtra Political Crisis: Sharad Pawar, Ajit Pawar Call Meeting Of Their Supporting MLAs; How Many NCP MLAs Are With Which Faction To Be Decided Today

Mumbai: Both Sharad Pawar and Ajit Pawar have called a meeting of their respective supporting MLAs and office bearers today on WednesdayHow many NCP MLAs are with which faction, it will be decided today. 

Two days have passed since the split in NCP, but it has not yet been revealed how many MLAs are with Sharad Pawar and how many with Ajit Pawar. The exact number of MLAs supporting both the Pawars has not been revealed.

Sharad Pawar will hold meeting at Yashwant Rao Chavan Pratishthan and Ajit Pawar faction will meet at MET Bandra. The number of MLAs, party leaders who will be involved in this will reveal who is overshadowing whom.

The NCP has a total of 54 MLAs in the assembly. It is being repeatedly said by Sharad Pawar's faction that except the 9 MLAs who took oath as ministers, all the other MLAs are with Sharad Pawar.

Ajit Pawar needs at least 36-37 MLAs to be recognized as a separate faction

Ajit Pawar needs at least 36-37 MLAs to break the party or be recognized as a separate faction under the Representation of the People Act. People close to Ajit Pawar are claiming internally that 42 MLAs have supported Ajit Pawar.

A day before the crucial meeting in Mumbai, Sharad Pawar issued a 'whip' to all MLAs asking them to be present. On the other hand, Ajit Pawar, who became the new Deputy CM of Maharashtra, inaugurated the new NCP office in Mumbai on Tuesday. Sharad Pawar's picture is displayed in the office. 

On this Sharad Pawar said that those who betrayed the ideology should not use my picture. He has called all party MPs, MLAs, MLCs, party district heads and state heads for a meeting on Wednesday. On the other hand, Shiv Sena (UBT) MP Sanjay Raut met Sharad Pawar. He said that the time of crisis is going on. Maharashtra will get a new CM within a month.

Members of Shiv Sena anxious

Meanwhile, the entry of the Ajit Pawar-led Nationalist Congress Party camp in the Maharashtra cabinet headed by Eknath Shinde has left members of Shiv Sena anxious. Many of them are wondering whether their political space will shrink which they might have to share with NCP which has wide base in the state.

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