23 Aug 2023

Chandrayaan-3 Mission Attracting Wider International Collaborations For India

A high-level Mauritius delegation led by Mauritius Minister for Information Technology, Communication and Innovation (MITCI) Darsanand Deepak Balgobin called on Dr Singh in New Delhi to discuss the proposal for a Joint India-Mauritius Satellite. 

Joint India-Mauritius Satellite to be built

Visiting Mauritius IT Minister and Indian S&T Minister discussed building a Joint India-Mauritius Satellite. India and Mauritius also agreed to expand scope of ISRO’s ground station in Mauritius

Support to third party space missions

India and Mauritius have also agreed to utilize ISRO’s ground station in Mauritius to offer support to third party space missions. 

By signing up the Artemis Accords during the landmark visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the United States, India has demonstrated its capability to collaborate in the Space sector with other nations of the world as an equal partner, said Dr Jitendra Singh.

Balgobin earlier visited ISRO facilities in Bengaluru on August 17, 2023. ISRO presented technical details and application potentials of the proposed India – Mauritius joint satellite to the Minister.

The two ministers agreed on expanding the scope of ISRO’s Ground Station set up in Mauritius to include third party missions including the European Space Agency.

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