5 Aug 2023

Gyanvapi Mosque Survey: Hindu Side Claims Fragments Of Idols Found, Says Survey Will Carify Everything

Varanasi: In a new development during the ongoing survey by the ASI at the Gyanvapi Mosque complex in Varanasi, lawyer Sudhir Tripathi, representing the Hindu side, claimed that fragments of idols have been found in the debris and further exploration could lead to the recovery of ancient idols shedding light on the historical significance of the site.

Lawyer for the Hindu side Sudhir Tripathi said, "Not idols, but fragments of idols have been found in the debris. We are quite hopeful that idols will also be found. The Intezamia Masjid Committee is cooperating. They gave the keys which they were not giving earlier."

We want the matter to be resolved soon: Hindu side lawyer

Tripathi said, "We want people to cooperate in the survey and get it completed as soon as possible. We are showing full cooperation and involvement. Muslim side has come at the direction of the Supreme Court. We welcome it. We want the matter to be resolved soon. The survey will clarify everything."

Another lawyer of the Hindu side Subhash Nandan told reporters that the ASI team is examining the central hall under the main dome.

The survey, primarily focused on the wuzu khana (ablution area) and the area where Muslims offered prayers, resumed on Saturday. The ASI team carefully carried out imaging and mapping in the central dome of the mosque complex as part of their day-long investigation.

Five members of the Muslim side also participated in the survey. Their advocate Tauheed Khan said advocates of the Intezamia Masjid Committee Akhlaq and Mumtaz accompanied the survey team.  The Muslim side did not participate in the survey on Friday.

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) on Saturday resumed its scientific survey of the Gyanvapi mosque here to determine whether the 17th-century mosque was constructed over a pre-existing structure of a Hindu temple.

Government counsel Rajesh Mishra, who was with the ASI survey team during the day-long exercise a day before as well, on Saturday said the team started work in the morning and it would continue at 5 pm.

Late on Friday night, joint secretary of the Intezamia Masjid Committee Muhammad Yasin said in a letter that they would cooperate in the survey work, honouring the orders of the Supreme Court.

A team of experts from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT-K) is assisting the ASI in the survey work. 

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