14 Aug 2023

Haryana: Brijmandal Yatra Will Again Be Taken Out In Mewat, Says VHP in Palwal Mahapanchayat

Nuh: After the violence in Haryana's Nuh, a mahapanchayat was held in Palwal, in which Vishwa Hindu Parishad said that the Brijmandal Yatra which was left incomplete in Mewat would be completed soon.

Till now internet was banned there, as well as curfew was also imposed. On Saturday itself, the administration there has also announced relaxation in the curfew.

Yatra will be completed on last Somwar of Sawan

In the mahapanchayat of Sarva Hindu Samaj held in Palwal on Sunday, Vishwa Hindu Parishad said that the Brijmandal Jalabhishek Yatra which could not be completed, will be completed on the last Monday of the month of Sawan i.e. 28 August.

Brijmandal Jalabhishek Yatra took place on 31st July in Nuh of Mewat, Haryana. During this there was violence which later reached Gurugram near the border of the capital.

After the communal violence in Mewat's Nuh in the first week of August, a mahapanchayat was held at Pondari in Palwal on Saturday.

In view of the recent violence, tight security arrangements were made here before the mahapanchayat.

After the mahapanchayat, Ratan Singh, a member of the Hindu mahapanchayat, said that a request has been made to the panchayat to take out the yatra again on August 28, which has been accepted by the panchayat.

After this Vishwa Hindu Parishad also issued a statement saying that it has been decided in the mahapanchayat held in Palwal that one crore rupees will be given to the families of the Hindus who died in the violence in Mewat and 50 lakh rupees to the injured

VHP demands NIA probe into Nuh violence

The Parishad demanded the NIA to investigate the Nuh incident and said that strict action should be taken against the culprits.

Along with this, the Parishad also demanded 100% compensation for the damage caused to shops, houses and vehicles of Hindus.

After the violence, curfew was imposed in Nuh which is still in force.

Nuh's District Magistrate Dhirendra Khadgata has announced relaxation of curfew in the district from morning to evening (from 6 am to 8 pm) on 14 and 15 August.

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