20 Aug 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Amit Shah Presentes Report Card Of Shivraj Government, Gave This Challenge To Congress

Bhopal: The BJP government in Madhya Pradesh has presented its report card before the elections. Presenting the report card of the Shivraj government in Bhopal, Union Home Minister Amit Shah attacked the opposition Congress. Amit Shah said that the Congress government was in Madhya Pradesh for 53 years.
During these 53 years Madhya Pradesh was known as Bimaru state but BJP took Madhya Pradesh out of the category of Bimaru state. BJP government will have to be formed again in Madhya Pradesh under the leadership of Modi ji.

Amit Shah said- 'Congress gave only Rs 1 lakh 98 thousand crore to Madhya Pradesh in 10 years from 2004 to 2014. The Modi government did the work of giving 8 lakh 33 thousand crore rupees to Madhya Pradesh in just 9 years.


Challenge to Cong

Shah challenged the Congress to bring the report card of 50 years. We have created a tradition of accountability in politics. Wherever our government is, we take accountability.

Shah said that earlier Madhya Pradesh was a Bimaru state; today it has been recognized as an unrivalled state.

Denouncing dynasticism as nothing short of poison, the seasoned leader said that the evil also plagues the SP, DMK and Shiv Sena (Uddhav). Shah said Madhya Pradesh organization of BJP is the strongest organization.

Shah said the government in MP has taken up the mission of total poor welfare. The per capita income in Madhya Pradesh has been Rs 1 lakh 40 thousand. The BJP government has hiked the budget for education and health.

Madhya Pradesh was Bimaru state in the government of Bantadhar

Without taking the name of Digvijaya Singh, Shah said that in 2003, the BJP government was formed by removing the government of Bantadhar. In 20 years, the BJP government worked to lay the foundation for building a developed and self-reliant state. Shah said that PM Modi left no stone unturned in making plans. Toilets have been made in every house. Gas cylinder has been delivered to every poor's house. PM Narendra Modi has developed the entire country. Because of which they get mandate again and again.

Shah said that in the last five financial years, the BJP government has increased the length of 72 thousand kilometers of roads.

Happiness reached from Bhopal to Chaupal

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that the BJP government has done the work of making Madhya Pradesh a self-reliant state in every sense. Made Madhya Pradesh the most developed state of the country and put it in the category of developed state. The BJP government will work towards making it completely self-reliant. The state which was called Bantadhar is developed today. Madhya Pradesh has joined the category of prosperous and flourishing states. Shah said that now there is prosperity not only from Bundelkhand to Baghelkhand, but from Vindhya to Malwa and from Bhopal to every chaupal of the state. 


'Nath who has never handled a plough speaks of MSP'

Coming down heavily on former Congress chief ministers Digvijaya Singh and Kamal Nath, he said, “I am surprised that Mr Nath – who has never handled a plough – speaks of MSP! From 1950-2003 – barring some years – the Congress held sway over central India. It must place the accounts of this period before the public. When I had journeyed by road to Ujjain for offering worship to Mahakaleshwar, I was rudely awakened as the vehicle encountered innumerable potholes after entering Madhya Pradesh. However, since 2003; the BJP government toiled to usher in transformation vis-à-vis health, industries, agriculture, education, power, water, roads, law and order from Bhopal to every chaupal.”

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