21 Aug 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Nagchandreshwar Temple In Ujjain Opens On Nagpanchami Today; Why This Temple Is So Unique

August 21 is the seventh Somwar of the month of Sawan. Nagpanchami is also being celebrated on this day. Lord Mahakal's ride will be taken out in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh on Monday. The doors of the Nagchandreshwar temple, which opens once in a year, were also opened. As per the folklore, during Nagpanchami, Nagraj Takshak himself remains present in the temple. A record 10 lakh devotees are expected to come here.

The doors of Nagchandreshwar temple will open from 12 o'clock on Monday night, which will be open for darshan till 12 o'clock on Tuesday night i.e. for 24 hours. The temple committee has also made special arrangements on this occasion. Along with 1500 administrative officers and employees, one thousand policemen will be stationed here.

200 quintals of Laddu Prasadi to be distributed


The temple committee has made a stock of 200 quintals of Laddu Prasadi. Arrangements have been made to give water bottles to the devotees in the line itself. Bhajan Mandlis will also be present. Live telecast will be made by installing LEDs at many places. Baba Mahakal will come out in the evening to learn about the condition of his subjects.


Nagchandreshwar temple which opens only on Nagpanchami is famous for many things, which we are going to tell below.

The temple rests on third floor the world-famous Mahakal Temple. Legend has it that this temple was constructed by Parmar King Bhoj in 1050 AD. After this, King Ranoji of Sindhia revamped and fortified the entire structure including the Mahakal Temple and Nagchandreshwar Temple in 1732.


Nagraj Takshak himself resides in this temple

The special thing about this Nagchandreshwar temple is that this temple is opened only on one day in a year on Nagpanchami (Shravan Shukla Panchami) for the darshan of common devotees. It is believed that Nagraj Takshak himself resides in this temple.

Temple has a wonderful statue of 11th century

This temple of Nagchandreshwar also has a wonderful statue of 11th century, in this amazing statue of Nagchandreshwar Shiva-Parvati are sitting on the seat of a snake spreading its hood. It is said that this statue was brought here from Nepal. Apart from Ujjain, there is no such statue anywhere in the world.

Only temple in whole world in which Bholenath is seated on a snake bed

This is the only temple in the whole world, in which Lord Bholenath is seated on a snake bed instead of Lord Vishnu. In the ancient idol installed in the temple, Shivaji, Ganeshji and Mother Parvati are seated on a ten-mukhi snake bed. Bhujang is wrapped around the neck and arms of Shivashambhu.

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