24 Aug 2023

Rahul Gandhi Reached Lamayuru, Riding A Motorcycle From Leh Town (In Pics)

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has reached Lamayuru, riding a motorcycle from Leh town.

Rahul wrote on his Facebook page: Towards Lamayuru - met many other travelers on the way, met the people of Ladakh, heartily, with affinity. This journey of love is full of their smiles.

Rahul is currently on a tour of the Union Territory of Ladakh. He has covered a distance of about 130 km to reach Lamayuru.


Lamayuru is known for its ancient monastery and incredible landscape.

Rahul will stay in Lamayuru for an overnight before moving to Zanskar, a tehsil of Kargil district.

On Thursday, Gandhi will be in Kargil town.

Rahul reached Ladakh on August 17 and is scheduled to visit Kargil in the next couple of days during his over week-long tour of the region.

“Bharat Jodo is deeply rooted in every Indian's heart and mind. The resonating chant of 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai' echoing through the streets of Leh serves as a strong example of this unity. No power can suppress this voice, brimming with affection and camaraderie," Gandhi wrote on his social media account.

He also shared images and a video where he was seen holding a tricolor while meeting a group of veterans on the first floor of a building and waving to cheering crowd gathering on the streets of Leh main market.

The people who gathered around chanted slogans in praise of Gandhi and also took selfies with him.

Ladakh's terrain is marked by challenging mountain roads and fluctuating weather conditions, and it demands vigilant safety measures for motorcycle enthusiasts. 

Congress leader's trip underscores the charm of exploring Ladakh on a motorcycle, while also serving as a reminder that a balance between adventure and caution is paramount.

If you are an avid traveller and are aware of the Ladakh region's captivating landscapes then it goes without saying that adequate protective gear is a must besides a thorough understanding of local road conditions.

Considering everything, during his trip Rahul Gandhi was seen all laced up with protective gear as required and almost looked like a seasoned biker. At a glance, he had a weather-control utility jacket, a visor, an offroad helmet, motorcycle-riding cargo pants, biker boots and gloves.

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