3 Aug 2023

Veer, Amrita, And Riya Of Dil Diyaan Gallaan Reveal Their Strong Off-Screen Friendship That Add Joy And Meaning To Their Lives

Friendships that blossom on television sets often create a special and unique relationship among co-stars. With a large amount of time spent together during shoot makes for a growing bond and lasting connections that add joy and meaning to their lives. These genuine relationships enrich the TV show experience.


Enjoy delightful moments on set with chai and pakoras

One such relationship exists in Sony SAB's Dil Diyaan Gallaan, where Paras Arora (playing the character of Veer), Hema Sood (as Riya), and Kaveri Priyam (as Amrita) share a unique and strong connection. Their on-screen chemistry and camaraderie is evident in every episode, but the relationship they have built off-screen truly sets them apart. 


From sharing their lunch breaks to enjoying delightful moments during monsoons on set with chai and pakoras, Paras, Kaveri, and Hema have cultivated a genuine friendship with an unbreakable bond of trust, understanding, and mutual support.

'She feels like a true sister'


Kaveri Priyam, who plays the character of Amrita, said, “Paras, Hema and I have spent an immense amount of time together on sets, which has nurtured a remarkably close and cherished relationship. We are constantly there for one another, fully aware of each other's strengths and flaws. They hold an integral place in my life as friends and co-stars, and I am deeply grateful to have them."


Kaveri says further, "Hema and I share an extraordinary bond; she feels like a true sister and her unwavering support is ever-present. Off-screen, I have the utmost confidence in counting on both of them during times of need.”

'We have so much fun together'


Paras Arora, who plays the character of Veer, said, "Working with Hema and Kaveri has been an amazing experience, and our friendship has grown deeper with each moment we share. We are there for each other, knowing both our strengths and weaknesses. They are talented co-stars and wonderful individuals who bring infectious energy and joy to the set. We have so much fun together, playing pranks and making even tough shoots enjoyable. They have become dependable allies off-screen, which means the world to me. Having them by my side is a precious gift that makes our journey together truly special.”


'We love creating Instagram reels during breaks'

Hema Sood, who plays the character of Riya, said, “Amrita and Veer are both my good friends, on and off the camera. We love creating Instagram reels during breaks, adding extra fun to the shoot. It's our favourite pastime to showcase our playful sides and bond in a new way. These moments of laughter are perfect stress busters, making the shoot feel like a gathering with friends rather than just work. Amrita holds a special place in my heart; our bond is like that of sisters. She always makes me feel cherished. Paras is a dear friend I can count on any day.”

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