21 Sept 2023

Canada India Political Row: Canada Said This In Response To India's Travel Advisory; Canadian Indians Said This

Ottawa: Tension is increasing between India and Canada on the issue of killing of Khalistani extremist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Canada on Tuesday issued an advisory to its citizens not to visit certain parts of India. On Wednesday, India also issued a similar advisory.

The tit-for-tat over travel advisories comes in the midst of an ongoing political row between Canada and India.

Late Wednesday night, Canada rejected India's advisory. Canada's Public Safety Minister Dominic Lebbeck said while talking to the media in Ottawa that his country is completely safe.

The diplomatic clash between the two nations began after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau alleged that Canadian security agencies had “credible evidence” that agents of Indian government had “potential links” to the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Surrey in Jun this year.

India has rejected the charges, terming them "absurd" and "motivated".

There are 2,30,000 Indian students and 7,00,000 non-resident Indians in Canada, according to the website of the Indian high commission in Ottawa.

Trudeau's allegation ridiculous: Canadian Indians

Canadian Indians say that Trudeau's allegation is ridiculous. There have been 15 anti-India incidents in Canada in the last one year. These include 9 meetings, 2 referendums in support of Khalistan and attacks on 4 temples. The Trudeau government has not made any arrests in a single case.

Many NRI Canadians in Brompton and Ontario said that here videos of anti-India incidents are regularly handed over to the police, but the police do not find any accused. No action is taken, but within three months of the murder of Khalistani Nijjar, Canada got major clues. How this happened, they asked.

A Sikh youth from Ontario said that due to the actions of a handful of people, the entire society has to feel ashamed. Canada's Justin Trudeau government is sitting idle and turning a blind eye.

Indian Foreign Ministry says that Canadian PM Trudeau is diverting attention from the issue by not taking action against Khalistani terrorists. The Trudeau government supports the anti-India activities that have been going on openly in Canada for a long time.

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