21 Sept 2023

Debate On Women's Reservation Bill Underway In Rajya Sabha; JP Nadda, Kharge Said This

New Delhi: Women's Reservation Bill (Nari Shakti Vandan Bill) is being  debated in Rajya Sabha on the fourth day of the special session of Parliament. Arjunram Meghwal presented the bill. After this, Congress MP Ranjit Ranjan started the debate. She objected to the name of the bill and said that women do not need Vandan (respect) but equality.

Ranjan said that there was no need to call a special session of Parliament for this. She said that by imposing hurdles of delimitation and census, the government has indicated that this is its election gimmick.

Women empowerment is Modi govt's objective: Nadda 

BJP President JP Nadda presented his views. He said- This bill is not a favor to women, but rather a salute and congratulation to them. If this bill is passed today then by 2029, 33% women will become MPs. 

Nadda said the objective of Narendra Modi government has been women empowerment since the beginning. Women have been provided economic and social freedom in Indian culture. For this he mentioned Vedic culture and Harappan period etc. He said that during the medieval period, the status of women definitely declined and they had to face evils like the practice of purdah.

Nadda said that the viewpoint of Indian culture has not been that of a helpless or poor woman. The country is fortunate to have a woman Prime Minister long before women's reservation. There has also been a woman President in the country. He said that women have done better work in Panchayati Raj institutions. Nadda said that women have more sensitivity and understand the problems of the society better.

Nadda said that if this bill is passed, there will be women MPs in the House in 2029. He said that the Modi government follows the rules and it works reliably.

He said that the government does not do politics in the name of OBC category. He said that Bharatiya Janata Party has given the country its first OBC Prime Minister.

Kaal kare so, aaj kar: Kharge

At the same time, Kharge recited Kabir's couplet 'Kaal kare so, aaj kar' and demanded immediate implementation of reservation.

Bill brought keeping elections in mind: TMC MP

Dola Sen of Trinamool Congress supported the bill but said that it has been brought only keeping elections in mind. She said that it is being said that the benefits of this bill will be available to women in 2029. Thus it seems to prove to be an empty promise. She said that the way this government had withdrawn the agricultural laws, it seems that this bill may also meet the same fate later. She said that this government is only fond of making promises and not of fulfilling them.

Govt did not do necessary ground workDr. Kanimozhi 

DMK's Dr. Kanimozhi said that the government passed many controversial bills but it kept avoiding the Women's Reservation Bill and has now brought this bill for electoral gains. He said that the government did not do the necessary ground work and preparations for the bill and it could have been made better. Referring to the fact that women will get the benefits of the bill in 2029, he said that it will be a very long wait. It seems that the government is misleading the people.

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