23 Sept 2023

In This Temple, Not Elephant-Headed But Human Form Of Ganesha Is Worshipped; Why This Temple of Adhi Vinayaka Is So Unique

The Gajmukh or elephant-headed form of Lord Ganesha is prevalent all over the world and he is worshiped in that form. But there is a temple of Lord Ganesha in India, where his human form is worshipped. 

This temple of Lord Ganesha is in Tamil Nadu. Interestingly, this statue is located only in the Adhi Vinayaka temple. In this temple, Bappa's face is not that of an elephant but he has a human face. The temple also has this name because Ganesh's worship is done here in the form of Adhi Vinayaka. Adhi Vinayaka is a form of the Ganesha (Vinayaka), which portrays Ganesha with a human head, prior to being decapitated by his father, Shiva.

According to the Puranas, Lord Shankar got angry and severed the head of Lord Ganesha. Later on the advice of Mother Parvati, he placed the head of an elephant on the torso of Ganesha and performed Pran Pratishtha. This form of Lord Ganesha has been worshiped for centuries. But in the Adhi Vinayak temple, the form of Ganesha before he obtained elephant head is worshipped. In this case, it is the only temple in India.

Mahadev had asked Ram to worship in Adhi Vinayak temple

According to mythological beliefs, the balls made of rice were turning into insects every time during the Pind Daan performed by Lord Rama after the death of King Dasharatha. Ultimately he prayed to Lord Shiva and asked for a solution. Then Mahadev asked him to worship in the Adi Vinayak temple as per the rituals. Only after this Lord Rama could perform Pind Daan for his father King Dasharatha and his ancestors. 

Mahadev gave the form of Shivalinga to four lumps of rice 

Mahadev gave the form of Shivalinga to four lumps of rice that had turned into insects. These Shivalingas were installed in the Adhi Vinayak temple in the name of Mukteshwar Mahadev. The establishment of Shivalinga became the reason for the liberation of King Dasharatha, hence he is called Mukteshwar Mahadev.


Temple of Mata Saraswati is also established 

Along with Lord Ganesha, the temple of Mata Saraswati is also established in the temple. The ancient poet Ottakoothar had established this temple of the goddess. Devotees who come for darshan of Lord Ganesha also definitely have darshan of Goddess Saraswati.

This Tamil temple is situated at the place Tilatar Darpan Puri, about 3 km from Koothanur  in Tiruvarur district of the state. The Tiruchirappalli  airport is at a distance of only about 110 kilometers. Rail facility is available from here to almost all the cities of Tamil Nadu through Thanjavur. It is also easy to reach by road, as it is connected by road to all the major cities of Tamil Nadu.

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