30 Oct 2023

Chhattisgarh Election-2023: Priyanka Promises Rs 500 Subsidy On Gas Cylinder In State, These Are Other Promises Made By Her

Khairagarh/Bilaspur: Leaving no stone unturned to woo Chhattisgarh’s electorate, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra announced on Monday that her party’s dispensation would provide women a subsidy of Rs 500 each on cooking gas cylinders under the Mahtari Nyay Yojana, power bills would be waived for 42 lakh consumers utilising less than 200 units and debt set aside in the context of all women self-help groups.

Addressing poll rallies in Khairagarh and Bilaspur, the visiting leader said that electricity charges would be universally applicable only on consumption over 200 units.

“Accident victims shall be provided free-of-cost medical treatment. For those in the transport business, a sum of Rs 726 crore including interest will be written off vis-à-vis vehicle tax. As many as 700 industrial parks shall be established; 6,000 government schools upgraded and tivara purchased at minimum support price,” she added.

She said, the Chief Minister's Special Health Assistance Scheme will offer free treatment to victims of road accidents and other sudden accidents.

Additionally, the government will purchase Tivara (a type of lentil) from farmers at the support price.

"Tivara will be purchased from the farmers at the support price," she added.

In her address, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra criticised the BJP and urged the people to vote for the party that focuses on development and welfare rather than misleading people in the name of religion.

"Will you vote for those who mislead you in the name of religion and only bring problems in your lives, or vote for the party that works to ensure your development and welfare?" she asked.

Besides gas cylinder subsidy and free electricity, here are other 13 promises made by the Congress in Chhattisgarh:

1. Free education for students from KG to post graduation in all government schools and colleges

2. Loans taken by women self-help groups and women under Saksham Yojana will be waived off

3. Free health care to Chhattisgarh people in case of road accidents and other accidental accidents under the Chief Minister's Special Health Assistance Scheme

4. To establish 700 new rural industrial parks and increase the number of rural industrial centers from 300 to 1000 in coming years

5. Upgrade approximately 6,000 government higher secondary and high schools of the state into Swami Atmanand English and Hindi medium schools respectively

6. Tivara, a type of lentil, will be purchased at support price from the farmers of Chhattisgarh

7. Waive off farmers' loans in the first cabinet meeting

8. 20 quintals per acre of paddy will be purchased from farmers

9. Rs 10,000 to farmers under the Rajiv Gandhi Landless Farmer Labourer Justice Scheme

10. House to 17.5 lakh families below poverty line under the Housing Justice Scheme

11. Outstanding Motor Vehicle Tax and penalty of Rs 726 crore till 2018 of more than 6,600 vehicle owners associated with the transport business will be waived

12. Increase the amount of assistance under Dr Khubchand Baghel Health Assistance Scheme — from Rs 5 lakh to Rs10 lakhs

13. Tendupatta (Tendu leaf) collectors will get annual bonus of Rs 4,000.

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