16 Oct 2023

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’s Geetanjali Mishra Aka Rajesh Tells What Her Chocolate Sandwich Expedition Led Her To?

India's genuine love for food is widely celebrated, with a rich culinary heritage that dazzles taste buds globally. The nation is famous for culinary wonders that are relished by people across the world. As World Food Day is on October 16, television artists set to dish out thrilling culinary tales, spotlighting the extraordinary and unconventional food pairings they have relished in their recent travels.

Geetanjali Mishra, aka Rajesh from Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, shares, “Driven by my passion for food, I often find joy in experimenting with new culinary creations. Not every venture, however, leads to a taste bud triumph.”

Geetanjali tells that on a particular occasion, returning from a shoot, she was engrossed in a viral video showcasing a tantalising chocolate sandwich. Although familiar with the concept from online sources, she had never personally indulged in this delightful treat. 


Intrigued by the mouthwatering combination of bread stuffed with chocolate, toasted to perfection, and crowned with a generous scoop of ice cream, Geetanjali embarked on her chocolate sandwich expedition. Unfortunately, my attempt took an unexpected turn.”

Despite my efforts—liberally spreading butter, adding decadent chocolate chunks, toasting the ensemble, and finally, crowning it with a scoop of ice cream—the result fell short of the delightful culinary experience Geetanjali Mishra had envisioned.

“The unique creation was distinctive but failed to deliver the anticipated gastronomic satisfaction,” the beautiful actress added.  

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