8 Oct 2023

Israel-Palestine War Escalates; Toll Continues To Rise On Day 2; India Stops Flights; UN Calls Emergency Meeting


The war continues between Israel and Hamas. Israeli Army spokesperson Richard Hecht said that fighting is still going on at 22 places in the country. More than 230 Palestinians have died so far, while more than 1700 people are injured. The toll is expected to continue to rise.

At the same time, so far 300 Israelis have died and more than 1,500 have been injured due to the 5,000 rockets fired by Hamas on October 7. In response to Hamas attacks, Israel has claimed to have attacked 17 military compounds and 4 military headquarters in the Gaza Strip.

Flights stopped

Amidst the worsening situation in Israel, the Indian Embassy has issued an advisory for its citizens present there. They have been asked to remain alert and safe. Also, flights to and from Israel to India have been stopped. Prime Minister Modi has said that India is with the people of Israel in difficult times.

Pilgrims from Meghalaya stranded

27 Christian pilgrims from Meghalaya and 7 people from Nepal are stranded in Israel. Saudi Arabia has appealed to Israel and Palestine to stop attacks.

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma has sought the help of the ministry of external affairs to rescue 27 people from the state stranded in the war-like situation between Israel and Palestine.

Israel rescues hostages

Hamas claimed on October 7 that they had taken several Israelis hostage. The Israeli army has said that the Palestinian extremist group Hamas has taken a 'significant number' of Israeli civilians and soldiers hostage.

Israeli army spokesman Colonel Jonathan Conricus has said that the people taken hostage by Hamas include women, children, elderly and disabled people. Some of them are alive but some are feared dead.

The Israeli security forces have also rescued an unspecified number of people who were taken hostage in a home in the southern town of Ofakim. The terrorists were killed, according to reports.

According to the Times of Israel, the attack on Israel is being celebrated in many cities of Iran. Its videos are going viral on social media.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Hamas fighters have captured several Israeli towns.

More than 1000 Palestinians entered Israel

The Israeli Army has asked people in 7 areas of Gaza Strip to leave their homes and go to shelter homes built in the city. The army is going to attack Hamas positions here. According to Al Jazeera, more than 1000 Palestinians have entered Israel. This has happened for the first time since 1948.

A spokesperson for the IDF has said his country hasn't regained full control in the wake of attacks from the militant group Hamas on Saturday.

"There are still active battles between Israeli security forces and terrorists inside Gaza. And unfortunately, we have not yet been able to re-establish full control over all of our communities and all of our bases," Lt Col Jonathan Conricus told CNN.

"This is the top priority," he added,.

UN Emergency Meeting

As the UN Security Council called an emergency meeting for Sunday, President Joe Biden voiced "rock solid and unwavering" support for Israel and warned "against any other party hostile to Israel seeking advantage in this situation".

Hamas has named its operation against Israel 'Al-Aqsa Flood'. At the same time, Israel's army has started 'Swords of Iron' operation against Hamas.

Hamas military commander Mohammed Deif had said on Saturday that this attack is revenge for Israel's desecration of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Actually, Israeli police had thrown grenades at Al-Aqsa Mosque in April 2023.

At the same time, Hamas spokesperson Ghazi Hamad told this action is our answer to those Arab countries which are growing closer to Israel. In recent days, media reports had claimed that Saudi Arabia may recognize Israel as a country on America's initiative.

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