24 Oct 2023

MP Election-2023: Big blow to Nisha Bangre; Congress announces candidate for Amla seat

MP Election 2023: Congress had kept one seat Amla on hold in in Betul district and it was believed that the seat was kept on hold because the party planned to field Nisha Bangre from there. But the candidate for that seat has been announced on 23 October. Due to this, Nisha Bangre, who was hoping for a ticket from that seat, has got a big setback. 

Congress has taken a shocking decision by making Manoj Malvi its candidate on the reserved seat of Amla. In this way, Congress has released a total of 3 lists of candidates and announced candidates for all 230 seats. 144 candidates have been announced in the first list, 88 in the second list and one candidate in the last list.

Congress had kept Amla seat on hold after releasing the second list. This assembly seat was in the news because Deputy Collector Nisha Bangre was claiming to contest the elections from here. When Congress did not declare a candidate on this seat, it was believed that Congress wanted Nisha Bangre to contest elections from here. But Bangre had to first fight the government. Now Congress has announced the candidate for this seat, dashing the hopes of Nisha Bangre.

Showing rebellious attitude against the government, Nisha Bangre had resigned from the post, but the government did not accept her resignation and her chances of contesting the elections were dashed. Now questions will also be raised about the future of Nisha Bangre.

Nisha did not get relief from HC or SC 

The government has not accepted her resignation citing departmental inquiry. But Nisha was also not ready to back down and continued challenging the government by taking out a march. Nisha did not give up and first went to the High Court and then to the Supreme Court, but she did not get relief. 

The Supreme Court had directed the Jabalpur High Court to quickly give its decision in the case of Nisha's resignation, but till today the decision is awaited. After this, in the evening Congress announced the candidate for Amla seat.

It was believed that if the decision comes in Nisha's favour, she will contest the elections on Congress ticket. Congress leader and lawyer Vivek Tankha and his son Varun Tankha argued on his behalf in the Supreme Court. During the hearing, the Supreme Court had rejected Nisha Bangre's petition for special permission and referred the case to the High Court.

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