11 Nov 2023

Grammy nomination for Millet song featuring PM Modi

A song titled 'Abundance In Millets,' featuring excerpts from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech, has received a Grammy Award nomination in the 'Best Global Music Performance' category. Crafted by Falu and Gaurav Shah, the song incorporates segments from the Prime Minister's address during the Global Millets (Shree Anna) Conference held in March of the current year.

Among the contenders for the Grammy Award in the same category are 'Shadow Forces' by Arooj Aftab, Vijay Iyer, and Shahzad Ismaili, 'Alone' by Burna Boy, and 'Feel' by David.

The performance of this nominated song was delivered by Indian-American singer Falguni Shah, who goes by the stage name Falu. Falu Shah, a multiple-time Grammy nominee and the 2022 winner for 'Best Children's Album,' collaborated with her husband, Gaurav Shah, on the nominated track. The duo has a history of joint projects and was previously part of the band 'Foras Road.'

During the event in Delhi, PM Modi expressed his satisfaction, stating, "I am glad that today, as the world is celebrating 'International Millet Year,' India is leading this campaign." He further emphasized that through the joint efforts of farmers and citizens, 'Shree Anna' would contribute to a "new dimension of prosperity for India and the world."

The song, 'Abundance of Millets,' captures this significant portion of the Prime Minister's speech, showcasing the convergence of music and political discourse on a global stage.

The Modi government's advocacy for millets as a nutritious cereal, spotlighting its health benefits and potential to alleviate poverty, has been notable. Notably, millets were included in the menu of PM Modi's State Dinner during his visit to the US.

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