23 Nov 2023

Madhya Pradesh assembly election-2023: Rebels can upset poll equation at these seats of Gwalior-Chambal

The anticipation for the Madhya Pradesh assembly election-2023 results is palpable, with the counting of votes scheduled to commence at 8 am on December 3. All eyes are on key constituencies, where the presence of rebel candidates has introduced an element of unpredictability. 

In the Gwalior-Chambal region, 12 seats are currently in contention due to rebel candidates, including those challenging established leaders such as Union ministers and state ministers. The rebels in this region have demonstrated the ability to sway both the Congress and the BJP during the campaign, raising concerns about their potential impact on the final results.

Rebels pose challenges for most veterans

Due to the rebels, the equations for the seats of Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, Cabinet Minister Narottam Mishra, Arvind Singh Bhadauria, Suresh Dhakad, Raghuraj Kansana, Baijnath Kushwaha, Sanjeev Kushwaha, Dr. Govind Singh and Laxman Singh seem to be disrupted. Rebels remain a cause of worry for most of the veterans. However, at some places, these rebel candidates are also becoming a support for the veterans. 

Talking about Dimani seat, Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar from BJP is in the fray. Congress MLA Ravindra Tomar is pitted against him, but due to not getting the ticket, Balbir Dandotia of Congress left the party and joined BSP and is contesting on BSP ticket. In such a situation, he may become a threat for Congress. 

Kuldeep Sikarwar contested the election on BSP ticket after not getting ticket from Congress on Sumawali seat of Guna. Kuldeep may be a threat for Congress. Satyaprakashi Parsediya joined BSP after not getting ticket from Congress on Dabra seat of Gwalior district. Now she is contesting elections on BSP ticket. Satya Prakashi can cause a lot of damage to Congress.

These rebels a threat to BJP on 8 seats  

There are 8 seats in Gwalior Chambal region where BJP rebels can harm saffron party. Even if these rebels do not win the elections, they definitely have the power to influence the results. Talking about Bhind, BSP MLA Sanjeev Kushwaha had joined BJP in 2021, but BJP did not give him the ticket, so he returned to BSP just before the elections. He is also contesting elections on BSP ticket. In such a situation, he can harm BJP. 

On the other hand, BJP's senior leader Rasal Singh, upset over not getting the ticket from Lahar seat, is also contesting on BSP ticket, which could be fatal for BJP. 

BJP's Munna Singh Bhadauria joined Samajwadi Party after not getting the ticket in the elections from Ater Assembly seat in Bhind district. Now he seems to harming prospects of Arvind Bhadauria, a minister in Shivraj cabinet and BJP candidate from Ater.

Father son duo can trouble BJP in Morena

Virendra Raghuvanshi, who was BJP MLA from Kolaras assembly seat, had left the party before the elections and joined Congress. Although Congress also did not field him, Virendra Raghuvanshi can prove to be a heavy blow to BJP. 

Former BJP MLA Mamta Meena joined the Aam Aadmi Party and is contesting on Chachoda seat in Guna. She can cause a lot of harm to BJP. BJP's Bihari Solanki had is also contesting from Sheopur seat this time on BSP ticket. He can harm BJP. 

Talking about Morena assembly seat, here former BJP minister Rustam Singh joined BSP this time and after ensuring ticket to his son Rakesh Singh, he also campaigned in the elections. This father-son duo can prove to be a threat for the BJP candidate in Morena. Congress is claiming that the rebel candidates on 8 seats of Gwalior Chambal region are going to sink the boat of many stalwarts of BJP.   

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