15 Nov 2023

Madhya Pradesh assembly elections-2023: Priyanka Gandhi targets Scindia during poll rally in Datia, said this about ‘Maharaj’


Datia: Ahead of Madhya Pradesh assembly elections-2023, during an election rally in Datia on Wednesday, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi strongly criticized Union Minister and former Congress member Jyotiraditya Scindia for orchestrating the downfall of the democratically elected Nath government in Madhya Pradesh in 2020.

"Scindia betrayed Chambal... He's upholding his family legacy well. He deceived the people of Gwalior-Chambal. He turned his back on you. Modi ji has assembled cowards and traitors from around the world into his party," Priyanka declared.

Continuing her assault on the 'Maharaj,' Gandhi remarked, "BJP leaders are unique. Our dear Scindia ji may be shorter in stature, but what an ego! We were working in UP, and workers had to address him as 'Maharaj-Maharaj.'"

Priyanka Gandhi is set to address another rally in Sidhi, marking her sixth visit to Madhya Pradesh since the announcement of elections on October 9.

In her speech, Gandhi took a swipe at the Home Minister, accusing him of spending his days watching movies and being more focused on fashion than governance.

Injecting humor into her address, she playfully ridiculed actor-politician Shivraj Singh Chouhan's acting skills, suggesting, "Even Amitabh Bachchan might lose his ears in acting but excels in taking on challenging roles effectively when it comes to work."

Shifting her focus to Prime Minister Modi, she criticized him for being the first Prime Minister troubled by his own pain, citing his statements about receiving numerous abuses. She likened his demeanor to Salman Khan in a film and humorously proposed naming the movie "Mere Naam."

Furthermore, Priyanka Gandhi questioned the timing of the Ladli Bahna Yojana announcement, stating that the BJP believes they can deceive the public. She expressed skepticism about the practicality and authenticity of the scheme's promise to create jobs in 18 years.



Priyanka's Guarantees


Reintroduce the Old Pension Scheme.
Deposit Rs 1500 every month into women's accounts.
Provide LPG cylinders at Rs 500.
Offer 100 free electricity units and halve the bill for 200 units.
Waive off farmers' loans.
Increase the pension for the differently-abled.

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