26 Nov 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Patwari crushed to death by sand mafia member in Shahdol


Shahdol: A shocking incident has unfolded in Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh, where a Patwari attempting to halt illegal sand excavation met a tragic end.

The audacious sand mafia, unyielding in their pursuits, rammed the Patwari with a tractor, leading to his immediate demise.

The Devlond police responded promptly, filing a murder case against the accused sand mafia member and subsequently apprehending him.

Prasanna Singh, a 45-year-old Patwari from Beohari in Rewa district, was on duty at the Khadda when he ventured to intervene in the unlawful sand excavation occurring in the Gopalpur Son river within the jurisdiction of the Devlond police station.  

Upon receiving a late-night tip, Patwari Prasanna Singh, accompanied by three colleagues, reached the location where they had received reports of illicit sand transportation via tractors.

Confronting the perpetrators, Patwari Prasanna Singh positioned himself in front of a tractor, attempting to obstruct its path. Unfortunately, the tractor driver fled the scene, fatally injuring the Patwari in the process.

The local administration had been actively addressing the issue of illegal sand excavation in the area for the past three days. Despite these efforts, the relentless sand mafia persisted in their illicit activities along the Son river.

In response to the incident, police swiftly cordoned off the area and apprehended the accused tractor driver, identified as Shubham Vishwakarma from Maihar district.

Both the accused driver and the tractor owner, Prashant Singh, residents of Maihar, are facing charges of murder as per the police investigation.

Notably, even after the victim’s colleagues informed the administration, the body remained lying on the ghat throughout the night.

It is known that illegal sand mining is in full swing in the district.

Illegal trade of sand has been going on in the district for a long time with the connivance of the district administration, police and mineral department.

Deolond police station in-charge Rajkumar Mishra said that the tractor involved in the crime has been seized.

“The driver has also been taken into custody. Further action is being taken,” he added.

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