3 Nov 2023

MP Election 2023: Jitu Patwari's brother Nana Patwari held in this case after half a decade, faces these charges

MP Election 2023:On Thursday, the Rajendra Nagar police station in Indore apprehended Nana Patwari, the brother of 
 Congress candidate from Rau and former minister and MLA Jitu Patwari. Nana had been on the run for five years, along with three of his associates. They had been evading authorities in connection with a case that stemmed from the farmers' movement. After half a decade, the police finally arrested them, and they were subsequently brought before the court, which ordered their incarceration.

Nana Patwari and his associates are facing charges of attempted murder

It should be noted that Nana Patwari and his 3 associates had been fugitives since the time of the farmers' movement. There was an outstanding warrant for their arrest, and with elections approaching, law enforcement took action to detain them and present them in court. Following the court's orders, all four of them were sent to jail. Notably, Nana Patwari and his associates are facing charges of attempted murder.

Protests in 2017 had led to clashes with the police

The case was originally registered in 2017 when farmers had staged protests in Choithram Mandi to voice their demands. During this movement, a case was filed against Nana Patwari and his companions, Sachin, Ashok, and Jitendra. The protests had led to clashes with the police, and the police station was surrounded during the demonstrations. In subsequent court proceedings, none of the four accused individuals had appeared, leading to the issuance of permanent arrest warrants.

Meanwhile, as the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections are just 15 days away, leaders from all political parties are actively engaged in tours and rallies. However, there is still uncertainty surrounding the BJP's choice for the Chief Minister's position, and people are consistently inquiring about who would assume the role if the party forms the government. Jyotiraditya Scindia made a noteworthy statement before the elections, suggesting that the Scindia family should not be considered contenders for the Chief Minister's post in Madhya Pradesh.

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