19 Nov 2023

ODI World Cup-2023 final: Our players are fully prepared for impending showdown, said Rohit Sharma; what more did Indian skipper say?

The day before the ODI World Cup-2023 final, Indian team captain Rohit Sharma assured the media that his players were fully prepared for the impending showdown. Emphasizing the extensive preparations leading up to the tournament, Rohit conveyed that the team had been gearing up for the World Cup for the past two years, covering T20, World Test Championship, and now the ODI World Cup. 

The ODI WC 2023 Final will take place on November 19 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. The match will start fro 2 PM.

Rohit said, "We started preparing for this World Cup two years ago. First T20, then World Test Championship and now ODI World Cup. We had to identify the team for all three formats and which players were suitable for which format. Can. Told him about his role."

'Our players knew their role beforehand'

Rohit said that the most important thing in reaching the final was that our players knew their role beforehand. He stated, "Our players knew their roles beforehand. This has been crucial in getting us here. We've worked to ensure clarity on which players fit into which formats, and so far, everything is unfolding according to plan."

Rohit acknowledged the deserving nature of both teams making it to the final, particularly focusing on their own performance rather than getting distracted by the opposition. 

Rohit praised bowlers' consistent performance 

Regarding the bowlers, he praised their consistent performance throughout the tournament, commending their ability to restrict opponents to under 300 runs in the initial inning and adapting strategies successfully in the later stages.

As the World Cup final approached, Rohit highlighted the magnitude of the occasion, emphasizing that the team's focus should be on executing their plans in the match rather than getting overwhelmed by the significance of the event. He emphasized the importance of concentrating on specific tasks, such as choosing the right ball to bowl or shot to play, in order to navigate the high-pressure situation of a World Cup final.

'Coach Dravid stood by the players during challenging times'

Regarding coach Rahul Dravid, Rohit spoke highly of his character and the freedom he grants to players. He credited Dravid for standing by the players during challenging times, noting his vital role in guiding the team. 

On the topic of Shami, who initially missed some matches but made a strong comeback, Rohit acknowledged his outstanding performance and highlighted the importance of players making the most of their opportunities.

As for the playing eleven in the final, Rohit revealed that the decision would depend on the pitch conditions, indicating that the final lineup had not been decided yet despite having a fixed pool of 12 or 13 players in consideration.

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