26 Nov 2023

Rajasthan Election-2023: What impact rebels and other parties have on results?

Rajasthan Election-2023: Voting took place on Saturday in Rajasthan, traditionally recognized as a "two-party state" with a history of power alternation. Political analysts noted a voter turnout much higher than expected.

In the assembly elections held on November 25 in Rajasthan, 74.13 percent voting took place. Results will be announced on December 3. But before that discussions have started about the potential impact of rebels and other parties like BSP, RLP, SP, and AAP on the results.

Sources revealed that both the camps of Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and former CM Vasundhara Raje were eagerly awaiting the outcome, exploring possibilities of securing 85-plus seats to reach the magical figure of 100 with Independents, RLP, SP, and others.

Political analyst Prakash Bhandari predicted Congress winning around 70 seats, making it challenging for them to form the government. He said CP Joshi and Sachin Pilot could become leaders of the opposition.

Will Raje lead if BJP forms govt? 

Amidst discussions about the BJP forming the government, the focal point was "Kaun Banega Mukhya Mantri" (who will become the chief minister?). If the BJP secures around 100 seats, speculation suggests former CM Vasundhara Raje might lead, with the possibility of pooling in other MLAs, including Independents.

Gehlot and his team are considering a similar combination if the Congress secures 75-plus seats. Independent rebels and MLAs from BSP could be brought in to create new political equations in the state.

BSP's six MLAs had merged with Congress in the last two terms, and SP fielded candidates in Rajasthan. The AAP is yet to make a foray into the state. 

Leaders from Rashtriya Loktantrik Party and Bharat Adivasi Party, expected to win three seats each, are also being closely watched.

On election day, leaders from both Congress and BJP expressed hope of forming the government. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot confidently asserted that Congress would break the decades-old trend of alternate governments in the state. 

Meanwhile, BJP state president CP Joshi attributed the high voter turnout to protest against Congress' alleged misgovernance.

BJP's Election Management Committee convener Narayan Panchariya highlighted public dissatisfaction with the Congress government's policies over the last five years, suggesting an undercurrent of discontent among the electorate.

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