9 Nov 2023

(See in pics) Bhopal: Dhanteras on Friday, city markets abuzz with shoppers

Bhopal: With Dhanteras on Friday and the Festival of Light Diwali just a couple of days away, the markets in Bhopal are alive with bustling activities as Bhopalites flock to the City of Lakes' prominent markets. Sarafa, Chowk Bazar, New Market, 10 No Market, Bittan Market are teeming with people purchasing everything from jewelry to electronic goods.

Shoppers can be seen buying electronic items, garments, consumer products, decorative items, rangolis, candles, and diyas. 

Electronics market sees maximum rush

The electronics market is experiencing the maximum rush, with buyers seeking lights to adorn their homes. Preferences vary, with some opting for star lights, while others favor lamp lights, which remain in trend every year. A considerable number of people are also investing in smart lights for home decoration, operable through mobile devices, offering a unique touch to festive decor.

Chinese lights in high demand

Chinese lights continue to be in high demand, dominating the market due to their affordability. Despite the traditional charm of lamp lights, the cost-effectiveness of Chinese lights attracts many buyers. Among the diverse items available, decorative items, artificial flowers, showpieces, and chandeliers are popular choices.

Online shopping affects local shopkeepers

Simultaneously, mobile apps and websites remain popular channels for consumers to browse and make Diwali purchases. The convenience of smartphones allows shoppers to explore a world of festive delights with just a few taps. However, the growing trend of online shopping affects local shopkeepers, who traditionally rely on festive seasons for significant sales.

Online platforms entice buyers with discounts

While some prefer the ease of online shopping, others still cherish the experience of visiting local markets. Online platforms entice buyers with discounts on decor items, providing both savings and a wide variety. This shift in consumer behavior impacts local shopkeepers and the retail market, emphasizing the changing dynamics of festive shopping.

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