24 Nov 2023

Transformation of Indian Air Force on horizon, know more about this

New Delhi: Defence experts anticipate that future conflicts will extend beyond traditional battlegrounds, encompassing not only land, sea, and sky but also space. Against this backdrop, a transformation of the Indian Air Force is on the horizon, with a shift towards becoming a 'Space Force.' 

The Indian Air Force is actively preparing to venture into space, collaborating with other agencies to ensure efficient utilization of this domain. Infrastructure and a theoretical framework have been established to support this transition. In its new role, the Indian Air Force is contemplating a name change to 'Indian Air and Space Force,' with the proposal currently under consideration by the Defense Ministry.

Fleet of space satellites slated for deployment

As part of the preparations for the Space Force, a significant fleet of space satellites is slated for deployment, with 31 satellites earmarked for various operations such as communication, weather prediction, navigation, and real-time surveillance. Notably, the Air Force is expected to bear 60 percent of the launching costs for these satellites, while the responsibility for the launches will rest with ISRO and DRDO. Collaborating with DRDO, the Air Force is also developing aircraft capable of functioning in both air and space environments.


IAF officers set to undergo training on international space laws

The formulation of a space doctrine by the Indian Air Force, in conjunction with the Department of Space Agency of the Central Government, is a significant step. This doctrine outlines rules and guidelines pertaining to military activities in space, acknowledging the current international ban on the military use of space. Consequently, Indian Air Force officers are set to undergo training on international space-related laws, ensuring responsible and compliant space utilization.

Space War Training Command Center coming up in Hyderabad

Specialized training for space missions is also in the pipeline for Air Force personnel, with the establishment of the Space War Training Command Center in Hyderabad. This center will house a college for legal knowledge and training. Furthermore, there is a growing demand for a joint space command, encompassing all three branches of the military, including Navy, Army, and Air Force, as well as the active participation of DRDO and ISRO in this collaborative endeavor.

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