11 Nov 2023

UP: Two sisters die of suicide in Brahma Kumaris ashram in Agra, hold four ashram employees responsible

AGRA: In the Brahma Kumaris ashram in Agra, UP, on Friday night, two sisters hanged themselves. Before committing suicide, both sisters had sent suicide notes to the ashram's WhatsApp group. 

Holding four ashram employees responsible for the suicide, they have appealed to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to impose a life sentence on the responsible persons, similar to Asaram. When family members reached the ashram upon receiving the message, they found both sisters hanging from the roof with the help of hooks attached to ceiling fan.

Jagnair residents Ekta (37) and Shikha (34) had been associated with the Brahma Kumaris ashram for quite some time. Four years ago, after the establishment of the Brahma Kumaris ashram on Basai Road in Jagnair, they started living there. Ekta and Shikha's father's name is Ashok Kumar Singhal, who lives in Tantpur, about 65 km from Agra.

The brother of the deceased, Sonu, informed the police that on Friday night, a sister from the Brahma Kumaris ashram sent a suicide note on his WhatsApp. Upon receiving this note, information about the suicide notes sent by Ekta and Shikha was obtained, causing chaos in the family. 

Family members rushed to the ashram

Worried family members rushed to the ashram in the Jagnair area, where both sisters were found hanging from a hook on the roof. Deputy Commissioner of Police Sonam Kumar, ACP Mahesh Kumar, and the in-charge of Jagnair police station also reached the scene. 

Sonu told them that two days ago, he had met both sisters at the ashram, and everything seemed normal at that time. Upon receiving information about the suicide, senior officers arrived at the ashram.

Sisters were given responsibility to establish a center in their town

The two sisters who died of suicide in the Brahma Kumaris center in Jagnair had taken initiation in Mount Abu eight years ago. After taking initiation, they were given the responsibility to establish a center in their town. It was reported that both sisters had also provided financial support to the ashram. 

ACP Kheragarh Mahesh Kumar said that the two sisters have left suicide notes blaming four ashram employees for their suicide. Serious allegations have been made against four individuals, and an investigation into the case is underway.

In the suicide note, Ekta and Shikha have held four ashram employees responsible for taking the extreme step. The three-page suicide note, starting with a request to the Prime Minister and Chief Minister, states that the four employees of the center be held responsible for the suicidal step. 

They sold their plot to establish centre, were cheated of 25 lakhs

In the suicide note, a person named Neeraj Singhal has been accused of cheating and harassment. The sisters worked hard to get the center built. They also invested the money by selling their plot in Mathura for seven lakhs.  

The note says along with this, Rs 18 lakh was grabbed by the same person Neeraj. Grabbed Rs 25 lakh in the name of the centre. After this, these people spread rumors about building a centre. These people are not even worthy of sitting in the Yagya. People who grab money and do immoral things with women, show dominance and show fear of their reach and say that no one can do anything to them.

Ekta (38) and Shikha (32) have expressed their pain in the suicide note. They accused Neeraj, his father Tarachand, Guddan and a woman from Gwalior.

The suicide note mentions that the sisters had been under stress for a year. The center's four employees are held responsible for this, and it is suggested in the suicide note that after their death, the center should be devoted to the education of poor children. Those responsible for their death should be given a life sentence, similar to Asaram Bapu.

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